Using bikini trimmer for the first time



Whether it is to maintain hygiene or flaunt your bikini on beaches in summer, bikini wax has become a trend these days. Although many women do it professionally in a salon some feel self-conscious especially when it comes to bikini areas. 

If you are one of them you don’t have to let go of your bikini waxing session. If you are ready to invest in bikini trimmer or already have done so, here’s a guide to using bikini trimmer for the first-timers.

  •  Set up your trimmer

Before you go for it, make sure that the trimmer is enough charged. Also, make sure you have cleaned blades of the trimmer before using it. Once the trimmer is set, attach the trimmer guard with a length of your choice.

  • Trim longer hairs

If the hairs in the bikini area are too long, grab a pair of scissors to trim those short. That way, you will be able to trim easily and quickly.

  • Take a warm bath

Now it’s time to take a warm bath to soften hair for easier trimming. Also, it will open up the hair follicles, which is essential for close shaving. Once you are done bathing, apply a pubic hair conditioner if you want before patting yourself dry.

  • Exfoliate

Exfoliation is a must to make your bikini wax easier and smoother. However, if it’s your first time using a bikini trimmer, you should skip the exfoliation for the first few sessions. This will remove dead skin which will prevent ingrown hairs and it will also give a closer trim. 

Once you are ready and if it’s wet trimming applies shaving cream before you do the business. 

  • Trim, trim, trim

Now you are ready to trim. Start gliding the trimmer in your bikini area. Make sure you trim or shave along the direction of hair growth to prevent the stubble disaster later. Pull your skin taut for better trimming and make sure you don’t push the blade into your skin.

  • Soak back in warm water

Once you are satisfied with your trimming session soak back into the warm water. This is to make sure the freshly trimmed hair tips don’t curl up inward and later result in ingrown hairs.

  • Apply lotion or Aloe Vera gel

Once you pat dry your skin apply baby oil or Aloe Vera Gel on the trimmed area to prevent skin rashes and irritation. 

If you are a first-timer, you will need to trim frequently to prevent skin rashes as well as to get used to the drill. This will make you a pro at using the bikini trimmer for the busy days.


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