Understanding Tooth Decay and Factors That Promote It


Teeth are important not just for eating but also for the smiles and good looks in people. Caring for your teeth should be a compulsory activity because when your dental formula is compromised, eating and smiling becomes a problem. Tooth decay or tooth cavity is one of the things that affect many people. Today you wake up, find that you are sensitive to cold or acids. The next day, there is a crack on your tooth and after some time, you find the pulp has been exposed leading to sharp pains on the tooth, where does this come from? Here is an explanation from Best Kennewick dentist.

Bacteria On Tooth is the Main Culprit 

In the oral cavity, there is a bacteria called streptococcus mutans and streptococcus viridans. These two bacteria tend to ferment food particles that remain on your teeth after eating. When food is fermented, there is an acid and a gas that is produced as a by-product. This acid and gas are the ones that demineralize the enamel making it to be sensitive to cold and hard foods. As the erosion of the enamel continues, a cavity starts to form and a wound-like appearance may start to form. As the cavity is forming, you will realize there is a lot of pain due to nerves and blood vessels being exposed.

How You Can Prevent Tooth Decay 

First is by ensuring you brush your teeth on a daily basis to ensure you don’t leave any food particles on the teeth. Brushing teeth and flossing is necessary every time you eat and most importantly when you are about to sleep. This is the best way to ensure you don’t give the bacterial any food to ferment. For sensitivity, it is important to use Florida enriched toothpaste that will add more enamel matter to your tooth to prevent the sensitivity of the teeth. 

How Can Tooth Decay Be Treated? 

Well, the best remedy to cavities is to have then refilled. Refilling requires several sessions of tooth cleaning to ensure all dead tissue and debris on the tooth are completely eliminated. This is the best way to ensure you don’t have any kind of pain even when you chew substances. If the cavity is left for a long time and it affects the roots of the tooth, tooth extraction will have to be done to ensure you don’t incur regular pain at all times.


Tooth decay is common and it doesn’t mean that you are not hygienic when you get one. Oral hygiene, visiting a dentist and other forms of oral care can help you to prevent the cavities. Use medicated toothpaste to ensure you enrich the teeth with some minerals so that they don’t get eroded quickly. Bacteria is always in the mouth so make sure you first brush teeth on regular basis if you want excellent outcomes at all times. Always make you avoid sugars from remaining on your teeth because these sugars attract bacteria which then ferment them and destroy your tooth. 

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