Understand More About Fake Tan Lotion And Scrubs


The fake tan lotion is the usual designation for all sunless tanning formulas applied directly to the skin. We cannot include artificial tanning methods based on UV radiation because its action is totally different. Also, UV lamps are quite similar to solar radiation, but the UV rays source is artificial, while bronze is 100% natural.

As you can guess, any fake tan & body scrubs online offers a tanning effect through artificial formulas. A chemically synthesized DHA component supports both spray and classic cosmetic applications or, if you prefer the academic term, dihydroxyacetone. Over the years, the traditional fake bronze lotion has undergone many transformations, and these changes are visible on several levels.

The first notable transformation concerns the tanning formula because the initial attempts were not as successful as today’s latest sunless tan lotions. At first, the dark glow we’re talking about now was more of a dark yellow hue. However, experts have come up with the best formula mainly influenced by the concentration of the basic ingredient – DHA. It is usually understood that each brand has established its own secret formula. In addition to the amount of DHA, each fake tan lotion contains various additional ingredients that complement the lotion base.

The choice of ingredients varies significantly and mainly concerns natural ingredients. Depending on the predetermined effects, manufacturers can add all sorts of extracts and chemical components. It goes without saying that the final formula results from intensive research and study in this field of activity. The most famous effects relate to skin, rejuvenation, and cellulite. Even if we manage to get perfectly tanned skin, the skin condition could suffer from other problems. Thus, a fake bronze lotion needs to be improved so that its benefits work simultaneously on several levels.

In addition to advancing and improving the tanning formula, the fake tan lotion has been subjected to various marketing strategies. As advertising is the foundation of any successful business, the classic fake bronze lotion has been promoted and is still a revolutionary formula today. It seems that a significant market share is very receptive to such advertising strategies.

Every time a new line of sales based on innovative results launched by dermatological laboratories, many customers are convinced that this is the saving solution, even if they do not understand the benefits and roles of acids or enzymes constantly praise TV commercials. Because fake bronze lotion plays an important role in any cosmetics company’s business, you can imagine your marketing concerns with the impact that fake bronze lotion should have at the end of a particular advertising campaign.

Of course, sellers and marketers have taken advantage of another facet of the cosmetics industry, namely medical concerns about tanning beds’ side effects. The disadvantage of another niche in the beauty business has become the ace in the hole of any DHA-based fake bronze lotion because DHA has been officially classified as risk-free.

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