Tips for Choosing a Jewelry Appraiser


A jewelry appraiser can determine the value of your jewelry. Whether you have inherited or want to sell or insure your jewelry, you need to know its value. Before conducting a search for “jewelry appraiser near me,” you should understand how to find a reputable, skilled appraiser.


A good appraisal may cost some money, but it should not be higher than the industry standard. Free or low-cost appraisals are often conducted by individuals who don’t understand or will not complete the work that goes into a full appraisal.

These individuals may not protect your jewelry, so verify their insurance. Also, ask whether their appraisals follow the guidelines of professional organizations, especially those they are members of.


A professional appraiser does not just buy and sell jewelry. These individuals have made a career out of appraisals. They have taken courses and passed evaluation, valuation and appraisal ethics exams. For example, jewelry appraisers may complete the Gemological Institute of America’s manufacturing arts or other reputable gemologist program.

Qualified appraisers will not mind you asking about their qualifications, but those who may not have full qualifications may be offended or avoid your question. Therefore, ask about any education these individuals have completed and what industry organizations they belong to. You may go as far as to ask about their level of membership.

Discuss whether they have received recent requalification and what their exams focused on. You may also ask about the amount of time they spend each year attending continuing education courses or researching local and federal laws and industry guidelines. Finally, discuss their specialties.


Qualified appraisers have specialized equipment. For example, they should have a microscope, but this is never enough for a quality jewelry appraisal. They also need a certified master diamond set that contains at least five diamonds that meet specific criteria for color and clarity. They should also have appropriate lighting (5000-5500-degrees Kelvin). Ask how they address items they are unable to fully authenticate.

Whether you want to sell or insure your valuable jewelry, consider seeking an appraisal from a qualified professional.

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