Three Things to Consider While Shopping for Infant Car Seats


Buying a car seat is one of the most important purchases you make when you have a baby. According to CDC, when your baby is secured in a car seat made for them, the chances of them dying in a car accident go down by 71 percent. While car seats are essential for your baby’s safety during travel, they are also very expensive. Checking out infant car seats online can be confusing at first to figure out which one would suit you and your child the best. 

So, here are three basic things to consider before buying a car seat. 

  1. Baby basics

Your baby’s age, height, and weight are very important to consider while selecting a car seat. A seat that is too large is not advisable while a seat that is too small would cram your baby into a tiny space for a long time. According to a guide issued by CDC, you should choose a rear facing seat if your child is below 2, a forward facing seat when they are of ages 2 to 4 (below 40 pounds), and a belt positioning booster seat when 4 to 8 years old (up to 4 feet 9 inches tall).

  1. Car basics 

Take measurements of the rear seat of your car to find out how big your infant car seat should be. The car seat you want to buy should come with a label saying that it meets the standard safety levels, and should have a five-point harness to ensure optimal protection. After being strapped in with the seat-belt, the car seat should fit snugly without moving.  

  1. Budget Basics 

A good investment is to buy a combination seat that converts from a rear facing to a front facing seat as your baby grows. If you are in a tight budget, you can also consider getting a travel system that includes an infant seat and stroller sold together. Try not to get a second hand car seat, as the plastic becomes weaker with age. The latest car seats are tested according to the recent standards and will be safer in the long run.

These are the three main things to consider while getting your baby the perfect car seat. You can shop for an exclusive range of infant car seats at that are both affordable and stylish.

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