Things You Should Know About Laser Hair Removal


Laser hair removal is not something you can do to yourself, and although it can be costly, this treatment can save you time and money in the long run. Being stubble-free may be intriguing, but you should know a few things before pursuing laser hair removal Ellicott City MD.


This removal method sends energy into your hair follicle, which is under your skin’s surface, which the hair pigment absorbs. Therefore, your hair follicle must be healthy, so don’t tweeze or wax before or between treatments. In addition, your hair should have some pigment; this hair removal method works best on thick, dark, coarse hair.

Before Your Appointment

Photosensitive medications should be stopped at least a week prior to each treatment. Also, you should avoid tanning in the sun or in a tanning bed because the discoloration in your skin may affect the effectiveness of your treatments. Tanning sprays or creams should also be avoided. You should shave one day before each appointment so the laser focuses on your follicle. Remove all your makeup and avoid perfumed products and strenuous exercises that raise your body heat.

During Sessions

The energy sent to the follicle turns to heat. Therefore, you will experience some pain during the procedure. The pain is described as hot and sharp, like a rubber band strike, especially where your hair is coarse and dark. However, some lasers have constant streams of cool air, which helps with this pain.

Your skin will swell during and after your treatments due to the damage done to your hair follicles, and it may be red and itchy for an hour to a few days.


A few sessions 4-6 weeks apart will be required, but fine, light-colored hair will take more treatments than coarse, dark hair. Try not to skip or stop treatments. In addition, lighter hair and skin color may require a diode laser to be effective.

Do you want to eliminate your unwanted hair forever without experiencing unflattering skin irritation? Consider looking into laser hair removal treatments.

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