Things to consider when choosing reusable cloth mask



Under the serious Covid-19 situation prevailing in most of the countries globally, people have been really concerned about their safety. The coronavirus has been a very tough challenge for mankind and has caused many distressful results. Many people lost their job, many lost their lives and many lost their hard-earned cash. 

Many people were mentally traumatised and depressed due to this. But now people have become confident and have accepted this situation as the new normal. Pushing all barriers laid down by this deadly virus, people have started wearing face masks to stop the spread of the virus and it seems to be effective. This has inhibited the exponential growth of the virus. It has been observed that people who wear face masks every time they go out of their homes and sanitise their hands frequently are less prone to the attack of this virus. 

As the demand for masks increased many local vendors, big companies and independent entrepreneurs came forth to contribute to the production of masks. Now that masks are present in so many shapes, colours, fabrics, designs, etc. People get confused that what kind of cloths face masks are suitable for the, Don’t worry! We have prepared the checklist for you, read below.

Things to consider when choosing reusable cloth mask:

1) Fabric of the mask

The fabric of the mask should be soft so that you can wear it for continuous long hours. Along with the softness, you must consider that the fabric is breathable or not, else you might feel suffocated. Since, we are talking about the reusable cloths face mask, so it should be easily home washable and durable. Some fabrics are moisture-wicking; they absorb moisture from your skin.

2) Fastening strategy

There are many kinds of masks in the market so are fastened using a tie, some have loops whereas some have bands. Many people are uncomfortable with elastic bands and they prefer ties, while some don’t even know how to tie knots using ties. These people prefer to opt for masks with a loop or elastic bands.

3) Fitting

Choose the mask that fits you the best as too loose masks fail to provide proper protection, whereas too tight masks cause suffocation, irritation and rashes.

4) The mask is for children or adults

Special attention should be given if the masks you are purchasing is for kids. Go for light and extra soft fabrics, so that kids are comfortable. You can purchase maks with cartoon characters for keeping your kid amused.

5) How often you’ll need to wear the mask

If you are going to wear the mask daily, make sure that you invest wholeheartedly as you will have to wash the mask after every use. So that fibres must be strong enough.

Always remember to wear a face mask before leaving the house. You must keep one extra mask for yourself in case of emergencies. And even step forward and donate masks to people who can’t afford them to ensure their safety. Wear masks and Stay safe!

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