The impact of technology in jewelry design


Technology has impacted and disrupted lots of industries. The beauty and jewelry industry have not been left behind.

There are many examples of technology causing a change in this industry. Jewelry designers have discovered that technology in their industry as with many others can usher in a new era of growth and change.

Here are some ways in which technology has changed the beauty and jewelry design and production.

3D printing

With 3D printing jewelry designers can now get to market new ideas quicker and easily. All they need to do is come up with a good idea on their products and get a printer. Once they have the right material, they will get the design to their printer and hit the print button.

With that short process, they will be ready to sell a new collection of their jewelry. 

Ease of customer acquisition

Makers of designer silver jewelry and other types of jewelry can now focus on their main strength. That is designing and producing high quality products for their clientele.

With technology, it is now much easier for customers to find the designers. With online shops and businesses that help in the delivery of products, jewelry designers and manufacturers are able to reduce their costs as they improve their customers’ shopping experience.

Lightweight metals

A production technology known as electroforming allows jewelry manufacturers to create light metal jewelry products. Through this technology, jewelry manufacturers can use normally heavy metals such as platinum to create jewelry that can be worn without feeling the weight of the original materials.

Quick customization

Through their online shops, jewelry manufacturers can allow their customers to customize the type of jewelry that they would like delivered. Customers specify the type of material, color, height and length that they would like their jewelry to be. They can also specify any engraving they would like to see on their jewelry.

All this happens online at the designer’s website. Once the customers have entered their preferred preferences, they are provided a production timeline and a date for delivery of their final product as they described it.

Computer Aided Design

This has been used mostly in other sectors such as manufacturing and construction for a long time now. Jewelry designers have also adopted computer aided design to help them visualize and produce their products relatively fast. 

With the use of 3D printing growing in the industry, computer aided design aligns quite well and makes streamlines the jewelry production process.

Wearable tech 

As technology evolves, jewelry and technology are merging. Rings and other jewelry can be developed as smart devices that are worn and capable to track the wearers’ health vitals and also become an interface with their phone rather than having to keep checking it and lead to distractions.

Enable global reach

With the internet and online shops, jewelry designers can now reach and acquire customers from all over the globe. With some effort in online marketing, jewelry designers will find themselves delivering their wares to customers in parts of the world they did not know exist.

Lower business costs

With online shops, jewelry designers no longer need to spend large amounts of money to set up brick and mortar shops. They can get more customers by investing in online marketing and advertising campaigns and a strong online presence.

This enables them to popularize themselves and have a quick one on one interaction with customers from all over the world.

New techniques

Technology allows jewelry designers to gain new ways of creating and designing jewelry products. Consequently, they are able to deliver innovative and new products that help keep their industry lively and growing.


Technology has helped many industries revolutionize. It has also help revitalize traditional industries and converted them to modern enterprises able to meet the needs of the modern customers.

The beauty and jewelry industry have embraced technology and as a result has made great strides in its modernization and growth.


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