Starting as a Photographer only using your Phone


Photography is a passion for many. The job of a photographer itself is quite enticing. Most of us have at least thought of becoming a photographer once. Everyone loves the idea of being free, traveling while doing their job and clicking photos for a living. As easy as it may seem, photography as a profession requires a lot of hard work. Not to mention the cutthroat competition between the ever-increasing number of photographers. With the rise in technology, the camera as a tool has become accessible to everyone. The smartphone cameras today can capture a good quality image. This not only increases the number of photographers you are competing with but also opens up several opportunities for you. In this competitive world, it is important to produce results different from others to stand out. It can be your unique style of taking photos, color grading or editing. If you are someone who is just starting out and will be using a phone camera and a photo app then here are some tips that may help you experiment and find your unique style.

To begin with, it is necessary for you to at least know the basics of a camera. Learn how the functions such as focus, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, etc., are used and their effect on the photos. Learn how you can use lighting to your advantage, many photographers solely rely on natural light which may sometimes result in not getting your desired image. Therefore, learning how to use lighting and shade will give you an advantage over everyone else. Remember to always take multiple shots rather than relying on a single shot. This will help you select the best image out of the multiple shots.. Many people are under the assumption that their too-bright photo or their blurry photo would be fixed in editing. In reality, not even the best photo editing app can fix such problems so focus on getting as perfect of a shot as you can get. Another thing to keep in mind is to keep experimenting. This will help you find a style you are comfortable in.

Now moving towards editing, here you will process the raw image and polish it. The tools available today are very advanced allowing you to remove an object or a person in a photo, crop the image to change the perspective, color grading to highlight selected colors that help in establishing an aesthetic touch and many more. While learning how to edit photos, again, it is very important to experiment with the tools. There are thousands of videos online that can help you get better at editing. Any photo editor app today even comes with features that allow you to apply makeup on a photo as well as tools that allow you to edit the body of a person. Apart from these, you can even create your filters.

Lastly, practice. Practice as much as you can, find out your style but still keep experimenting.

Keep clicking!

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