Spa Body Treatment: Do You Need It?


A spa body treatment is basically a facial, except for your whole body. From wraps, scrubs and massages, there’s a whole range of ways you can get a spa body treatment. You can never go wrong with a body treatment. Whether you’re feeling stressed-out or your skin is simply dry, it’ll be good for you. Here we’ll discuss the benefits of a spa treatment, and whether or not you need it. But before you dive in we would like to mention that if you live in Pennsylvania then the best Spa in Cranberry Township, PA is the Above All Grand Salon And Spa conveniently located in the heart of Pennsylvania.

Dry Skin

We’ve all been there, when our skin is feeling dry and flaky. This usually happens in winter, when our body is exposed to dry air. However, it’s always nice to have glowing, soft skin no matter the time of year.

When you go for your spa treatment, a spa will usually massage you with essential oils. Essential oils have an array of benefits, even mental health benefits, but they’re generally used to smooth your skin out. Once you’re done with an essential oil body massage, you’ll be left with a soft coating of oil.


Are you sick of skin that looks tired and old? No need to worry, we all feel that way from time to time. But, if you’re wanting to plump up your skin and leave it feeling rejuvenated, then it’s time to go in for your body treatment.

Body treatments will help you to prevent wrinkles and even slow aging. With their oils and wraps, it’ll leave your skin feeling younger and radiant.


Maybe your skin is already soft and radiant, however, maybe you’re strung-out from your busy life. These days, we’re so caught up with work and daily life, that we feel tired and anxious. A spa body treatment is great for your mental health, so if you’re in need of relaxation, then you should go for a spa body treatment.

We tend to hold stress in our body, as tension. With a massage, you’ll get all the tension taken out of your body. This leaves you feeling relaxed and happy. Additionally, getting pampered releases a ton of “happy-hormones”, such as Serotonin, Dopamine and Oxytocin. These hormones will keep you in your happy mood, long after your massage is done. It’s like a mini-vacation.

Body Toxins

Are you feeling lethargic, tired and ill? With our stressful lives, and all the unhealthy foods we consume. It leaves us with numerous toxins in our bodies, making us drag on through the day. A spa body treatment will help remove body toxins with exfoliants, oils and a great massage. This will get rid of our toxins and leave you feeling energetic and relaxed for a long time, ready to take on the world.

A spa body treatment has a wide range of benefits, perhaps you don’t have any of these problems that can be fixed by a spa body treatment. However, it’s still great to relax and get pampered for a day, without your daily life getting in the way.

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