Skincare Secrets – Alumier Skin Peels


Everyone likes their skin to look its best. Most people crave that fresh-faced glow with flawless looking skin for a more youthful appearance.

Establishing a good skincare routine can help to determine what type of skin you have and how best to care for it. Beautiful skin is one that has been cared for regularly and having a facial from time to time can really help to boost its glow.

It’s easy to care for the skin at home. Using natural ingredients you can help to achieve a fresh face which feels and looks great but to really vamp it up, it’s better to talk to a skincare professional who can help you using their expertise and knowledge to advise on how to treat your skin properly.

There is no such thing as a one rule suits all when it comes to skincare routines.

Everyone is different and so is their skin, each skin type needs to be treated in its unique way to achieve optimum results. Certain products may react negatively to certain types of skin whilst being perfect for others, so it’s important to discover the sensitivity of your particular skin type.

This is why AlumierMD chemical peels are ideal for everyone. They are designed to target all areas of facial skin problems, no matter your skin type. Each Alumier product has been developed in a particular way so that it suits your very own skin profile. Dry, normal or combination skin, as well as problem areas such as acne, redness, rosacea, pigmentation and sensitive skin, can all benefit positively after a treatment using Alumier skin peels.

Alumier prides itself with the ingredients it uses since they are all free from sulphates, parabens, petrolatum, artificial colours and chemical sunscreen filters. Only natural ingredients which are much kinder to the skin are used, and all products are of high quality.

Could I benefit from an AlumierMD skin peel?

Yes, of course, everyone can. Treatment by AlumierMD is the ultimate indulgence and results will leave your skin feeling soft and glowing. These products cater to all types of skin, so there is an Alumier Skin Peel treatment to suit your skin type, and the results you can expect from an AlumierMD skin peel treatment are as follows:

  • Your skin will be improved and will look and feel great.
  • Fines lines are somewhat reduced, especially around the mouth and eyes.
  • Age spots and sun damage are adequately treated.
  • Ageing and wrinkles are treated where damage has been caused by prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays.
  • Great for treating acne and pigmentation issues as well as many other problem areas.

How will I feel after the treatment?

After treatment, a homecare range of products is recommended to continue the ongoing care for your skin. This helps to get the best results possible. Your skin may be sensitive to the sun for a short period (around 3-5 days) while the epidermis renews itself. Once the fresh new skin emerges, and you get to see the effectiveness of the treatment.

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