Senior Citizens: Get Back To Your Workout Routine With A Twist


Reaching a certain age and leaving behind your fitness routine is not something we appreciate. One must not let a number discourage you to live life to the fullest. Of course, there might be instances and limitations of old-age that would require you to take up Centro fisioterapia services, but one can still get on the pitch and hit some sixes.

Senior Citizens have a functionally low flexible body with common low bars of essential statistics such as heart rate, pulse rate, bone density, etc. This factor must be considered while choosing a set of exercises for senior citizens. Senior citizens with health conditions can also perform a light workout routine, but it must be minutely designed by experts.

Here are some of the best workout exercises for senior citizens and their fitness goals.


Cardiovascular exercises are an amazing way to gain heart strength and keep the blood running in your veins. Cardio exercises are a set of similar movement workouts (usually low-impact) to get your heart pumping in a rhythm.

Cardio may lead to shortness of breath and thus, is never advised to acute heart patients. However, low-impact cardio to get the circulation sorted is specifically designed and can be very helpful in maintaining good heart health.


With aging, one can notice that their body gets imbalanced and thus, eventually lead to falls, shaking, and weakness of limbs. Balancing exercises are perfect for senior citizens who experience such imbalances in their bodies.

Common balancing exercises are simple and can be easily pulled off by senior citizens. Remember to not push yourself to exercise because that may lead to body pain. Balancing exercises can help you lower your imbalance, shakiness, and nervousness while walking, sitting, or doing any activities.

Water Aerobic

Water Aerobics is excellent for senior citizens as these are easy and low-impact. One can choose water aerobics to increase their flexibility and joint strength. This is a proven exercise that has good results and can help you regain your strength.

Water aerobics require no realizable efforts by you and still works great for retaining strength. It is a common practice and has no or rare side effects. However, one must be careful of the water quality and the support system they use for performing the exercise.


Yoga is the best fit for senior citizens with major health problems. One might suffer from a multitude of health conditions, but Yoga can always help in maintaining it. Yoga postures are of multiple types and are not meant for everybody.

Some yoga postures are exclusively made for senior citizens that involve strategic breathing and movements. Yoga can also help in keeping you in shape playing an effective role in maintaining involuntary body functions.


One of the easiest exercises anyone can do is walking. Being a senior citizen, walking must also feel heavy to you, but it is highly beneficial to your health. Regular walking at an average speed can help you get your entire body functioning well.

Walking is a brilliant exercise for senior citizens as they present most of the time sitting. With actively walking, their body gets to work properly and run functions accurately.

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