Nutrimeal Shake: The Key to Solving the Puzzle Between Your Dietary Intake and Busy Lifestyle


Are you currently at a junction where your busy work schedules are affecting your dietary intake? Or have you been looking for ways to ensure you get the right combination of nutrients while reducing your stress? You need to solve the puzzle between your dietary intake of nutrients and a busy lifestyle.

Unless you specially assign someone to monitor your dietary intake of the right nutrients, your busy lifestyle will most times come at the expense of your diet. Most of your attention will not be on making sure the food you eat is filled with required nutrients. You may tend to consume food with high-calorie content, which is not suitable for you.

Of all nutrients, protein is the most commonly affected. A wide variety of consumables are fortified with one or more of either vitamin or mineral. Unfortunately, only a few of them are filled with a good amount of protein that can sustain your body well. The best way to enjoy the function of protein in developing new tissue and repairing damaged ones is by making sure that it’s included in your diet. But this is only visible if you’re taking a keen interest in your diet.

However, do you know that there is a simple alternative to this? It involves the supplementation of your diet using a Nutrimeal shake.

A Nutrimeal shake, as the name implies, is a nutritional shake that can be taken in place of a normal meal. It contains a sufficient amount of nutrients that will level your dietary intake and provide the support you need to fuel your active lifestyle. It’s not hard to prepare and does not involve a complex procedure before being ready for consumption.

Nutrimeal shake can be formulated into a drink that can be taken daily in place of a whole meal, depending on your pattern of food consumption. If you’re the type that skips breakfast, you could drink it early in the morning, and alternatively, you can make use of it as you deem fit.

However, the problem with the use of Nutrimeal shake is mostly associated with the type and content of the Nutrimeal. This boils down to the factors taken into consideration during the production of the Nutrimeal shake. One of the best Nutrimeal shakes that delivers on its claim and doesn’t bring about any additional problem is that from the list USANA’s quality product – USANA Nutrimeal.

Why you should choose USANA Nutrimeal

  • Provides a sufficient amount of protein in addition to a useful amount of fiber

As earlier stated,  a busy lifestyle most times is accompanied by high consumption of junk food or a diet high in calories. This then results in low levels of protein needed for tissue growth.

USANA Nutrimeal contains 15g of protein. In addition to protein, it also contains 8g of fiber, which makes USANA Nutrimeal useful in supporting the digestive system. Fibers are not nutrients, but they’re very useful in supporting the processing of digestion.

  • It has a low glycemic index.

Most shake manufacturers may give less consideration to the glycemic index of their products. However, Nutrimeal shakes having a low glycemic index will tend to cause an increase in glucose content in the body.

Using Nutrimeal shake aims to provide the needed nutrients, not to add up to the excess ones. USANA Nutrimeal was carefully made to provide just the needed protein and nothing more.

  • It is free of gluten.

The presence of gluten in a supplement may cause an unwanted effect in those allergic to it. USANA Nutrimeal does not contain gluten which makes it compatible with everyone.

 USANA Nutrimeal, therefore, focuses on solving the problem alone without worsening or sprouting other conditions.

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