New to Contact Lenses? Here are a Few FAQs to Help You Ease Things


In a world that is always after looking their best, there could be some instances when having glasses can ruin your entire look. For example, it’s your sister’s wedding, and you’re wearing black spectacles on a really gorgeous lehenga. You want to take off your glasses but you can’t see anything without them. Or it’s a party night and for once, you wish like taking off your glasses and still be able to see the world properly.

That’s when the thought of wearing contact lenses comes to your mind. So, is wearing contact lenses easy? Can you buy contact lenses online? What are some challenges that arise before and after you wear them? And what are some tips? Your head would be full of questions.

Let’s get one thing straight––wearing contact lenses is easy, all you need to keep in mind is:

a) Proper hygiene is to be maintained while storing & wearing the lenses

b) Proper timely disposal

Some FAQs Related to Contact Lenses

1. When should you replace your contact lenses?

Contact lenses come with expiry duration. For instance, there are daily lenses, monthly lenses, yearly lenses and so on. Buy contact lenses according to your use. You can speak to your ophthalmologist for the same. If you prefer your spectacles all time and want to get rid of them only for special occasions, then go for daily/disposable lenses where you can wear one pair for maximum 24 hours and then throw it off.

For monthly lenses, you can use one pair for a month long and after every use, store the pair in lens solution. You can use these lenses for an entire month but it is recommended to dispose of them sooner. The same goes for yearly lenses.

2. How to wear contact lenses? Precautions while wearing contact lenses

Always ensure to wash your hands preferably with soap water. Do not use a sanitiser before touching your lenses! The first step before you start with your makeup routine is putting the eye contact lenses with clean hands and then go for the makeup or moisturiser.

Take one lens on your fingertip and place it on your palm. Put a few drops of lens solution on it and clean lightly using your fingertip. Shift it to your index finger again. Open the eye wide using the middle finger of the same hand by pulling the lower lid down and slowly place the lens on your eyeballs. It will take some practice to wear lenses quickly so don’t give up or get paranoid.

3. How to remove contact lenses?

Before touching your eyes, ensure to wash hands either with tap water or soap water. Pull down your lower lid and move your eyeballs upside. Gently move the lens away from your eyeball and pinch the lens to take it off. Place the lens in the lens kit and fill some solution. Repeat the same for the other eye.

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4. How to store contact lenses?

When you buy contact lenses, you also need to buy the lens kit unless you have it already. The lens kit usually has a lens solution and a storage case to store your lenses after every use. Fill the storage case with lens solution and store your used lenses according to the left eye and right eye differentiation. Ensure to replace the lens solution once every while, especially if it appears dirty.

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