Natural Ways to Boost Your Fertility


There is an estimated number of 48.5 million couples who are infertile in the world. That is just a huge number and while some of them are due to injury or birth abnormalities, most of them are due to lifestyle practices. Men and women equally face the infertility issues. While men also fight impotence, women only deal with infertility issues. Increasing in age diminishes the fertility of people but even young people tend to experience infertility. What are some of the ways that people can use to boost their fertility? Here are some of them. You can know more at κατάψυξη ωαρίων

Foods Rich in Anti-Oxidant Are Good 

Foods that contain zinc, iron and folate are the best when it comes to boosting fertility. This is because they contain anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants clear free radicals in the body which at times they tend to destroy sperms and ovum making people to be extremely infertile. Always make sure you have the best anti-oxidants that will even aid in the maturation of sperms. Zinc and iron are needed in the production and maturation of sperms making you to always be fertile at all times. women who are in folate medication were shown to have a higher rate of implantation than those without folate medication. 

Good Breakfast is Always Good 

One of the reasons why there is a sharp rise in infertility in the world is because people don’t have time for breakfast. Most people just wake up and bite a little snack and they proceed to work. The body therefore doesn’t get enough energy to carry out its metabolic processes and as a result infertility comes in. Research has shown that with a good breakfast, women reduce the chances of developing polycystic ovarian syndrome which is one of the most serious conditions that leads to infertility. Good breakfast also tends to promote ovulation and make women to be more fertile. 

Avoid Trans Fats 

Women should by all means avoid trans fats because they reduce the rate of ovulation. Most of these fat is found in hydrogenated cooking oil. When you eat those fats, they tend to impair egg production delaying your ovulation which interferes with fertilization and implantation. In men, trans fats reduce the rate of sperm production making them to become infertile. Always make sure that you take the best diet like nuts and vegetables so that you improve your fertility.


Infertility is the most stressing thing in this world. Marriages and relationships have been broken because of infertility. While most people wait until they can’t get children then start looking for help, it is important to practice above ways so that you always boost your fertility. Always check on the carbs you take especially for women who still want to bear children. Carbs are linked to polycystic ovarian syndrome a condition in which fertility is seriously compromised. It is always important to make sure you increase exercises so that you keep your body active and increase the metabolic activities of your body. Infertility is hard to eliminate but if you practice the above way, you may just hear it from others. 

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