Mouth Body Connection


Therapeutic interventions are now diverse and interconnected. Ten years ago, doctors would treat cardiac problems without even investigating the kidneys or other body organs. Nowadays things are different because a simple rash can make a Dermatologist in Malaysiato call a full body-organ tests. This is because every part is connected to another and an illness could have progressed from another organ. The mouth is the route to your GIT and the GIT has access to your blood stream. Anything pathogenic that gets to your mouth will be absorbed to your blood stream causing systemic illness that might be serious to your health.

Oral Health and Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition in which blood sugar is above the normal range. Insulin is the chemical responsible for the breakdown and utilization of blood sugar. When one gets inflammation of the gums or gingivitis, the inflammation impairs the body’s insulin production process. Inflammation also makes insulin to be insensitive to sugars leading to accumulation of glucose in blood. People who progress into periodontitis tend to be more prone to get type 2 diabetes after some tome.

Oral Health and Heart Disease

Statistics indicate that 91% of people with heart disease have periodontitis. Although there is little scientific correlation between these two conditions, they are always present together. Literature indicates that the bacteria responsible for the gingivitis and periodontitis are the ones which migrate to the heart and cause infective endocarditis. Treatment of such people with the two conditions involves treatment for the heart disease and also for the periodontitis because if one is left untreated, it causes the other one to relapse.

Oral Health and Bone Health

Oral infections lead to inflammation, soft tissue loss and bone resorption. The jaws normally get affected to the extent that they cannot hold the teeth properly leading to complete teeth loss. Bone demineralization can spread systemically causing generalized osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition that increases bone fragility thereby making one susceptible to fractures even on slightest hit.

Oral Health and Joint Health

Arthritis is a common joint problem that affects the weight bearing joints. It is characterized by bilateral swelling of the joints with pain when one tries to flex or extend the extremities. Periodontitis can precipitate arthritis because they are both caused by inflammation. When one treats periodontitis, even the risk of getting arthritis is reduced. Oral health and joint arthritis goes hand in hand.

Besides the above conditions, poor oral health and oral diseases have been linked to increase in the risk of acquiring bacterial pneumonia. People who don’t take care of the oral health tend to develop a lot of health issues including ear infections, throat infections and even meningitis.


Oral health and the general health are dependent. If you would like to know more about your oral health, you can visit us at our clinic. We examine clients and diagnose appropriately thereby making sure even the treated we offer is fruitful. Your body can affect your mouth and your mouth can affect your body so take care of yourself well.

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