Men’s fashion trends for 2021 – how to look more attractive


Fashion might be always changing – but men’s fashion has seen a classic staple of clothes and accessories that has stood the test of time. The impression you give off is almost as important as the way the clothes make you feel – after all, confidence is the most attractive attribute about someone.

Dressing well comes from being aware of the trends, as this will be what is most popular now. Here’s how to dress in a way that will make everybody’s jaw drop, in 2021.

Dress for the occasion

Primarily, consider where you’re going. Is it an event, where everyone expects you to be dressed to the nines? How about a birthday party for a close friend? Who else is coming, where it is found, how long will it last and what are the general expectations for the event are all crucial elements when making an outfit decision.

When heading out to a casual event, or just walking in public, an Off-White Hoodie can be perfect to reflect the urban, rugged feeling. However, it is less recommended for going to the movies with your significant other.

Find your main style

Your clothes are an extension of yourself – use them to express yourself, or project how you’d want to be perceived. The simplest way to do so is to figure out which style is most right for you and choosing clothes that match it. For instance, a Supreme sweatshirt is both stylish, urban but also luxurious at the same time. 

Once you have your main style, keeping things within that realm, or having clothes that you have chosen beforehand to best express who you are will be a wonderful place to start. When building up an outfit, having a centerpiece is often the best way to ensure that the entire composition works well, and fits you.


Men have limited, but powerful accessorizing options. Is your outfit looking a little plain? Take time to add some details to make it yours. Whether it’s a belt chain or a Louis Vuitton x Supreme wallet, you will be able to find something unique that you like. It serves to differentiate yourself from others, without necessarily being the center of attention all the time.

Often, the right accessory can change the tone of the entire outfit – it’s great to experiment! Don’t have too many things on at a time, however, 1-3 accessories are typically more than enough to make a point.

Every detail counts

When considering the way you look in the mirror, look at the whole outfit. Who would typically wear these clothes? Is anything missing? Are you satisfied with the color scheme and impression you’re making? 

For instance, switching up your shoes for a pair of Off-White Hyperdunks is a great power move even in 2021. For the few instances you’ll be outside, having the right pair of shoes on will be invaluable in remaining memorable and impressive to anyone you meet. The right shoes can make the outfit – make sure to choose a pair that’s both comfortable and stylish.

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