Low porosity hair – which shampoos and conditioners to use?


If you have low porosity hair, consider yourself lucky – comparing to other types, it doesn’t pose many problems. However, knowing how to adjust the ingredients in cosmetics will help you keep them in good shape.

Straight, shiny, tender – many people dream of having low porosity hair because it would solve all their care-related problems. Their owners usually don’t struggle with the dry frizz or entangling. The low porosity hair is also easy to brush and can be subject to various kinds of styling treatments without any risk of damage.

The reason lies in its composition. As the name suggests, the low porosity hair does not have many pores – their structure is close-knit, with closed hair scales. Thus, the moisture is captured inside the hair and doesn’t escape easily, as happens in the case of high porosity type. 

The low porosity hair usually shines and is easy to brush. However, it can also cause some problems – particularly if you use the wrong cosmetics in your daily care. The most common ones include sloppiness and lack of volume.

Light formulas – the key to low porosity hair care 

Every type of hair needs three kinds of ingredients – emollients, moisturizers, and proteins. Balancing them is the key to a beautiful and healthy look. In the case of low porosity hair, you won’t need many proteins. Their role is to refill the damaged structure. As the composition of your hair is already dense, you don’t need to repair it. 

When choosing cosmetics, pay attention to their formula. The lighter, the better – both in terms of texture and composition. Low porosity hair loves simple cosmetics with only a few ingredients. Oily masks loaded with nutrients and conditioners will not do you any good.

Keeping the volume – cosmetics, and styling

To avoid the loss of volume, so common when it comes to straight hair, choose the emollients that are not too heavy. Which ones will be the best for you? Low porosity hair love:

  •  coconut oil;
  •  shea, cocoa, mango, murumuru, and cupuacu butter
  • palm oil
  • Look for these ingredients in your conditioners. Also, consider doing an oil treatment (using pure products). For the low porosity hair, one time per month will be enough.

To keep the volume high, consider drying up your hair with the head down. That will lift it up at the base, resulting in a better look. 

For high-quality cosmetics for low porosity hair, consider shopping at Roxie Cosmetics beauty store. A variety of products will make finding the perfect solution easier. You don’t have to spend a lot in order to make your hair look stunning – the thoughtful selection is the most important!

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