Lash Extensions 101: The Eyelash Adhesive


Eyelashes make for good decorations on the eyes and the face. Naturally, people sometimes experiment by getting extended lashes, whether they be for daily use or for specific occasions. When it comes to applying these extensions, it is important to know about the adhesives involved in the process, and how they work. Their functions may serve different types of situations, so one would have to figure out what works best for them depending on the amount of use and the colors involved. Below are some facts to be aware of as you go about selecting adhesives for use on false eyelashes.

Adhesive Types

There are two major types of adhesives for false eyelashes. There is semi-permanent, which can be used to stick individual false lashes to the real eyelashes. This is capable of lasting for up to a week and does not require remover. A latex-based adhesive, on the other hand, is generally used for strip lashes. It can, however, be used for individual lashes if you are adding them to the eyelid. While a semi-permanent adhesive, as its name implies, would last longer, a latex-based adhesive would last for just a day. So you really have to take into account how long you want to have the false lashes, and how often you are willing to apply an adhesive. It could end up being a matter of convenience.


If you expect to come into contact with water on your face, whether it be from a shower, teary eyes, or just a splash from the sink, it is worth mentioning that there is such a thing as a waterproof eyelash glue. One product that falls along these lines is the Duo Water Proof Eyelash Adhesive. It would blend in with your lashes and eyeliner as it dries dark. Something like this would be very useful for the possible water-filled situations. After all, you would not want the lashes to come off in those instances. If you want the lashes to last, then this might be useful.


For those who use black false eyelashes and black eyeliner, which would already complement each other, black glue is the best choice since it matches. It would not look so good with eyeliner and eyelashes of different colors. For all other options, clear glue is the ideal choice. It would not overshadow the colors that you would want to be visible, whether it be blue eyeliner, red lashes, or any other option that you want to put on display. When it comes to the adhesive colors, you will want to choose something that works best with the overall visual presentation.

Adhesive Advantages

Being aware of these different advantages of different types of eyelash adhesives helps people know what works best for them. It is important to take into account how long one wants the lashes to stay on, and what colors one intends to use with them. If you want to consult with professionals in regards to matters of false eyelashes, you can reach out to a parlor called Selena’s Lash Studio. If you need help applying the lashes, they would be capable of giving you exactly what you need. So take advantage of the resources and adhesive information available to you as soon as you would like.

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