Ladies handbag guide for weddings


Handbags are not just for carrying your wallet and other accessories. Instead, they are the ultimate combination that completes your look during a wedding or an event.

Women around the globe love to carry different kinds of handbags as per the occasion. However, the latest concept of fashion has merged the types of bags that one can carry during weddings or other parties. You might be very cautious about what type of handbags fits perfectly into your attire. Well, today we have arranged this whole article to make our readers understand about different types of ladies handbag that they can easily carry with different looks. 

Types of handbags to carry for a wedding

Following is a list of handbags that one can carry for a wedding:

Tote bag

The tote bag is a straightforward, yet refined plan that is ideal for those occasions when you have a couple of additional things to convey like jewelry and makeup during a wedding. Some characterizing attributes of totes incorporate a square or rectangular shape, short ties, an organized plan, and not many to no pockets. This style is some of the time alluded to as the “customer’s bag” since it can hold a few things on the double.

Bucket bag

Much the same as the name infers the bucket bag is extensive enough for the entirety of your possessions. This bag shape is known for having an organized base, a slouchy body, and a drawstring conclusion. Its exceptional plan permits plentiful space for bigger things, similar to a couple of shoes that you can carry for your ease during a wedding as long heels are sometimes very painful to carry.

Satchel bag

The satchel is known for its adaptability. It’s one of only a handful of bags for men and women. Satchels regularly have a level base, a rectangular shape, clasps or catches for the conclusion, and a cross body lash. Since they’re typically bigger in size, satchels are extraordinary for conveying a pair of shoes, small handbags, or other substantial things.

Hobo bag

Recall when you were a kid, and your number one animation character would haul around a bindle sack attached to a hobo stick? Curiously, this was the motivation for the plan of the cutting-edge hobo bag. Normally sickle molded with a short shoulder lash, hobo bag handbags are extraordinary for easy-going, regular wear. Yet, as the latest fashion trend, it can be easily carried during weddings. Its unstructured plan gives the hobo bag a loosened-up look without trading off space.

Duffel bag

Preparing for an end-of-the-week escape with companions where you have to attend a wedding? We have the ideal bag for you! The duffel bag is an unquestionable requirement when pressing for short outings. Duffel bags can be perceived by their flat, round and hollow shape, top zipper, and two top handles. To guarantee strength for movement, duffel bags are generally produced using quality, weatherproof materials. Despite the fact that there are different sorts of satchels, the duffel bag is a top pick for the straightforward explorer who likes to pack light.


You might be thinking about what the purpose is of carrying a backpack during a wedding. Well, they are the latest trending bags even during a wedding. At the point when you think about the different kinds of bags for school, knapsacks are likely the main thing that rings a bell. In any case, this well-known scholarly need has developed into a style-forward embellishment that supplements for all intents and purposes any troupe. If you’re a functioning hard worker, a rucksack handbag is entirely appropriate for you. The helpful, sans hands plan of a knapsack, make conveying your resources agreeable and simple. Not only this, it looks extremely classy when you are planning to wear a skirt or a maxi dress during a wedding.


As its name shows, the saddlebag was before an adornment utilized by equestrians to convey significant things while riding. These bags connected straightforwardly to the pony’s saddle for fast and simple availability. Contemporary plans haven’t changed a lot, and key highlights like its round shape, cross body lash, and overlay over fold are still marks of the saddlebag. It looks amazing with any kind of wedding attire. Consistent with its equestrian roots, the saddlebag is solely formed from calfskin and frequently includes metal equipment.

Messenger bag

The messenger bag is a work of art, the reasonable handbag that was first utilized via mail transporters and bicycle messengers, the majority of which were really men. Messenger satchels are essentially worn for their utility and are incredible for researchers and heads the same. However, the latest trend has made people crave for it even during the day weddings.

Frame bag

Are you looking for a handbag with a vintage propelled bid? Suggestive of the coin tote your grandma probably conveyed in the ’20s or ’30s, frame bags are a sentimental gesture to plans from an earlier time. Characterizing highlights of frame bags incorporate a rectangular or trapezoid shape, a metal frame, and a kissing lock conclusion. Two round, metal balls snap together, or “kiss.” The design of frame bags is somewhat loose, however, the metal frame assists the handbag with keeping up its shape. Pair it with a strand of pearls and red lipstick for a really exemplary look during a wedding.

Baguette bag

The baguette bag was seemingly the most well-known style of the handbag in the last part of the 1990s. The bag was even included in various scenes of multiple TV hits, establishing its notable status. This modest handbag is ideal for carrying the rudiments, with a little tie that can be worn either on your wrist or shoulder. Wear for a night out with companions or during a wedding for a classy look.


Have you at any point wrongly lugged your enormous handbag to a wedding or evening to remember? If thus, you realize how unwieldy it tends to be to attempt to move, drink, and celebrate while conveying what feels like a bowling bag. Fortunately, this issue is effectively settled by wearing a clutch bag. The clutch is an unimposing handbag that can be utilized to convey more modest things like your favourite lipstick. Incredible for matching with formal outfits, clutches can be found in an assortment of tones, shapes, and styles. Their lightweight plan ensures you’ll never feel overloaded while attempting to live it up.


The minaudière bag is a variety of clutch, planned specifically to wear to formal, dark tie occasions. These little, organized satchels are generally formed with dots, gems, or sequins for an extra exciting look. Are you looking for your next function? A minaudière bag is an ideal accomplice to investigate the following level.

Laptop bag

You might get extremely surprised to know that laptop bags can be carried to weddings according to the latest fashion. It is an extremely amazing uni-sex bag implied essentially for conveying a laptop, alongside other trinkets. A laptop bag is normally utilized by office-participants for its various compartments and the plentiful space inside the bag. However, the latest trend has made it a center of attraction for women going on a wedding. Generally even and rectangular fit as a fiddle, a laptop bag would damply include substantial cushioning to ensure the gadget is kept inside. It is connected to a long, wide, and agreeable tie, with the length ordinarily being flexible.

Barrel bag

As the name recommends, this bag comes in the round and hollow state of a barrel and is typically medium to little in size. Barrel bags regularly have more limited shoulder ties, top zipper conclusion, and a sensible measure of room inside. The bag can be dressy or casual and looks amazing during weddings.

Belt bag

A new hit among Instagram influencers, the belt bag has been quite possibly the most moving bits of the period. This bodes well in view of how easy it would amp be able to up your outfit’s style remainder, while likewise serving functional requirements. A belt bag is ordinarily as a little zippered pocket with a clasped belt as a tie, implied for wearing around the midriff. It’s otherwise called a fanny bag, in spite of the fact that belt bags lean more towards style and class than utility, not at all like fanny packs.

Bowler bag

With a name motivated by bags used to convey bowling balls, a bowler bag is a medium-sized, arch-formed handbag commonly including a couple of short, thick straps. Bowler bags for the most part have various compartments inside and are sufficiently flexible to be consolidated in both easy going day-looks and dressier night outfits like weddings.

Envelope bag

It’s by and large what the name recommends, a bag in the structure and state of an envelope. Envelope bags are slim and long rectangular bags proposed for being hand-held and include a three-sided front fold on account of a real envelope. Regularly they don’t have any straps, despite the fact that you can locate a crossbreed of sling and envelope bag. These are intended for dressier events and gatherings like weddings with barely enough space for a couple of fundamental things.

The topic concludes that the latest fashion trends have made life easy, and we are free to carry any sort of bag with our wedding attire despite getting worried about the fancy-looking ones. 

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