KoalaPrint Custom Photo Projection Bracelet – Engrave Memorable Moments in A Row


– Engrave Memorable Moments in A Row

Is there a special moment in your life that you never want to forget? We suggest saving that moment in a projection bracelet! Because engraved memories never fade away! That treasured moment will always be with you and you can even wear it.

Keep a Treasured Memory with You, Always

A bracelet like this represents endless love. You may either engrave words of love or add a memorable photo. From the naked eye, it looks like a normal bracelet but when you place the nano engraved bead under your phone’s camera, the engraved content is clearly visible. What a cool way of expressing your feeling for someone special. 

KoalaPrint couple necklaces of 100-language I Love You

A Perfect Gift for Special Occasions 

A custom photo projection bracelet is a hidden way of expressing full love. It’s an ideal gift for valentine’s days, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasion. 

Customize this bracelet the way you like. It could be a picture of people of love, pets, scenery, a symbol, or even text. Say you love them in a special way, a way that expresses how much you mean to them.

How to See the Hidden Message?

We all have certain people or pictures that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. A custom projection bracelet is a perfect solution to take beautiful memories with you by engraving them on a beautiful bracelet. To see the magic, make sure you are in the dark and. Open your phone’s camera and place the protruding side in front of your phone. You should now be able to see the engraved message or a memorable photo. Prepare to feel warm and loved.


Engrave a special moment, wear it forever and take it with you wherever you go. Shop for a beautiful personalized projection bracelet at KoalaPrint. Express love in a unique way. 

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