Important Factors To Take Into Account When Buying An Area Rug


It is a good idea to have an area rug in the family room because they provide comfort, warmth and beauty. Area rugs usually come in different colours, designs and patterns making them the perfect artwork for the floor. They can also be used to define a space for the furniture. However, there are also carpets that can be used to create a traditional or modern look.

Choosing between an area rug and a carpet

Many people wrongly assume that area rugs and carpets are the same. They are totally different from each other.  Area rugs can be moved freely around the floor while the carpet is installed in one location and typically stretches from wall to wall.

One of the biggest advantages of area rugs is the ease of cleaning. It is easier to remove a stain on a rug than a carpet. Rugs are made from durable materials that allow them to be machine washed. You cannot pop a carpet into the washing machine for a quick wash and dry.

Both area rugs and carpets come in different colours, designs and patterns but a wall-to-wall carpet in a brightly coloured pattern can be too much. The great thing about rugs is you can choose from many different unique styles, colours and patterns that will not overwhelm a room. Rugs are the better option for homeowners who want to change the look of the interiors frequently. Removing a thick and luxurious carpet can be a huge undertaking and will require professionals. In extremely warm areas, carpets are not a good option because moisture will be trapped in between the fibres.

How to customize the area rug

Area rugs are a good way to add some colour to an otherwise boring space. There are bold patterns, geometric designs, floral designs and rustic designs that can bring life and fun to the room. However, make sure that you do not cover the design when you place furniture on the rug.

Always take into account furniture placement before you purchase an area rug otherwise the design might be covered up by the furniture. The area rug must fit under all the key furniture pieces. The front legs of major upholstered pieces must fit on the rug. Smaller pieces of furniture must fit on the rugs whenever possible.

It is easy to customize a pattern if the room is quite small. There are shops that offer free personalization, change of colours and text, etc. This will ensure that your area rug is unique from everybody else’s. Avoid trendy designs because they do not last. Choose according to your personal taste and lifestyle because you will be living with the rug from day to day.

Your best option is cool rugs – etsy that are 100% designed, crafted and printed in the USA. Each order is personalized so that you can decorate a room in your favourite colours and designs that you have always wanted. Simple changes can be made on common themes and patterns to make the area rug different from all others.

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