How To Treat Yourself With a Spa Day


You work hard at your job and probably juggle a lot of responsibilities at home as well. It’s important to take some time for yourself and a day at the spa is a perfect way to do it! It will refresh your body and mind and leave you with that enviable spa glow.

Arrive Early

Get to the spa early to allow enough time to check-in, store your belongings and slip into a comfortable robe and slippers. Sit in a comfortable chair and soak in the relaxing environment as you wait for your first appointment.

Start With a Massage

A traditional Swedish massage is often the choice of most spa visitors. The masseuse uses a combination of long strokes, kneading and rhythmic tapping on your muscles to relieve any tension and tightness in your body. However, there are other options available to you. If your muscles are particularly tense, choose a hot stone massage and let the heat of the stones dissolve the tightness. Try a deep tissue massage if you are active in sports or are experiencing pain in a particular area and want a firmer and sustained pressure on your muscles.

Add a Facial

After your massage, experience the bliss of a facial infused with anti-aging skin care Fredericksburg VA ingredients. Your facialist knows just the right custom blend to smooth those pesky lines and wrinkles on your face. This treatment is designed to penetrate deeply into your skin to give you the best results. Don’t be surprised if you nod off for a few minutes due to the relaxing effects of the experience.

Relax in the Sauna

To finish out your spa day, spend at least 20 minutes relaxing in the sauna. You’ll be glad you took the extra time to pamper yourself a little longer.

Taking a spa day for yourself provides you with a well-deserved relaxing experience that refreshes your body and spirit. So why not make it a monthly habit?

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