How to Spot a Counterfeit Watch?


When you are paying in the market for a certain commodity, you would certainly wish to be sure that you were getting the product actually, what you are paying for. With the increase in the number of counterfeits manufacturer, it has certainly become confusing to know about genuine manufacturers. Though the police people have become active to look for all such fake manufacturers, it is even important from our part to know about the commodity which we are planning to purchase. There are some of the known handy tips which would probably help you to be saved from getting caught out.

When it comes to watches Rolex counterfeits (นาฬิกา Rolex ก๊อป, which is the term in Thai) are most commonly seen. It might not surprise you to know that these particular counterfeits watch is easily marketed as the genuine one. It is not a much-known brand, which is used widely, and hence the default manufacturers could easily sell their duplicate ones.

Well, do you think that if you are getting the certificates of authenticity, the product is going to be the guaranteed original one? Then you will have to come out of this notion even. These certificates paper can be easily copied, drafted, and then further printed. Do not worry as you will never be able to trace the difference. The certificates are created by professional experts. Boxes, bags, and even the instruction manuals are perfectly replicated. Sometimes it looks very similar to the actual products.

Things To Check

The materials, which are being used in the watches, portray the difference. The stainless steel or titanium watches have some weight. But the counterfeits are too lightly made instead of being made from the original material. Check that the dial has got all the correct numerals placed. Moreover, the hand style needs to be appropriate. Generally, all the genuine expensive watch brand produces their product with a sapphire back as it causes fewer scratches.

There is no doubt in this that it has certainly become quite easy to be taken by the counterfeits. The cost of producing the counterfeits of any watch is half or even one-third of the actual expenses due to the sacrifice with the quality. When it comes to luxurious and expensive watch brands, they are counterfeited.

In the end, one can provide all the detail of the watch provided by the store to the watch company and get the product verified.

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