How To Prepare For Your Wedding Suit


How long until the wedding suit planning starts? 

2/3 months before the wedding, the process of planning the outfit should start. Bearing in mind where your inspirations lie, it also depends on whether you are sure what to wear or need a style consultant or some self-research. 

Considering the time of making and changes, your outfit timeline should always be made, unless you opt for a rented one. It’s still wise to bear in mind that you might not get an appointment at the date you want you, so keep your choices open and start early if you’re going to have the suit or Tuxedo made in a busy place and during the wedding season. We guarantee you’ll have fun finding the right look and fit for yourself that your lovely bride or groom will appreciate with all their heart.

Rental or purchase?

The shopping experience at online tailor stores in Singapore is fully personalized. As soon as the process of wedding picks begins, do not worry, they are there to make the decision easy for any groom to stumble on this topic. 

If you are really on a tight budget, i.e. somewhere between 250-300 euros, the suit or Tuxedo rental choice for the wedding is more fitting. 

If you’re on a budget and want a designer suit or Tuxedo, you can hire it, note that you won’t have it after the wedding and we think you’d like to own that piece of clothing after investing a decent amount of money. Nothing says intimate, however, but a piece of clothing made only for you. 

And note that wedding day only happens once in a lifetime, so why not make it as memorable as possible? 

When it comes to wedding suits, the reason why buying is more comfortable than hiking: if you’ve always wanted a tailor-made suit and you know you’re going to need it again after the wedding. After the ceremony, we believe another life for a wedding suit may be the best excuse to invest in made-to-measure.

What is the primary wedding etiquette for the groom dressing? 

The most common choice for the groom for his wedding day is the three-piece suit. 

The type of wedding: formal or casual, and the season or venue, these wedding specifics assist a great deal in describing the groom’s wedding outfit terms. As a sort of wedding attire, there are four classic options 

for the groom-to-be: morning dress, tailcoat, Tuxedo or a three-piece suit.

  • Morning dress is for very formal daytime weddings, consisting of a morning coat or half morning coat, waistcoat and pants, particularly in the UK. 
  • A tailcoat is a choice that should be worn as your custom strictly requires it. Morning coats are for early weddings in the UK. 
  • For those who have organized an incredibly formal wedding that will happen after 18:00, Tuxedo is an option. Often supported by a silk bow tie, the classic Tuxedo with waistband and shawl or peaked lapels. 
  • Please read our tuxedo guide for more details.
  • Above all, a choice that finds its way between style and tradition is a fancy three-piece suit, particularly for a contemporary bride. When it comes to combinations of colours and fabrics, according to the type of wedding or season, a three-piece suit gives you a lot of choices.

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