How to maintain body wave wigs?


The popular hair wave pattern for making a wave that looks soft and normal is Body wave wig. It is a loose curl that is in a wave pattern. It lasts for a long time to improve hair texture and removes you from regular hairstyling to a stylish one. The maintenance cost is also not too high, either. Worried about how to maintain your body wig? How to wash it? How to make its life longer? Don’t worry below are the tips and tricks to help you with.

Tips to maintain body wave wigs:

Unlike your very own natural hair, body wig waves need a certain amount of treatment.

  • Detangling

Detangling your fingertips is used to remove your hair thoroughly and then use broad tooth comb to break free from the roots of your hair. Using the paddle brush is advised to get desired smooth hair.

  • Washing

Wash the waves with a soft shampoo and conditioner every other day. Dip the hairs under cold or moderate water (do not use hot water) in your hair for 5 minutes. Apply a small number of shampoos and rub it gently, then rinse out the shampoo, and then use the treatment for your hair to be deeply conditioned.

  • Apply some natural oil

Apply a certain natural oil to help your hair get soft, wavy, shiny, and silky. Add some kind of natural oil like cocoa or olive oil. In any portion of your hair is left out, then, in particular, it should be coated with oil.

  • Sleeping

When you sleep, cover your wig with a silk scarf so that it can stay twisted and frizzy while you are sleeping.

  • Hang up the wig to dry

Dry your wave wig and don’t brush it if it’s muddy. Hang your hair wigs in an airy place; wait for them to be dry. Then you can brush your human hair wigs with a big tooth accordingly.

  • Avoid doing heat styling for your hairs

You should not use hair styling on your wig, including straightening or curling. Use a heat-saving spray and a medium to low temperature if you need to use it.

Steps to resuscitate your body wig

With just some simple steps you can protect your body wave wig:

Step 1: Start washing your wig regularly. You should allow the hair naturally to dry without heat when you have time. However, use a blow dryer in moderate heat if you have to use heat.

Phase 2: Use your fingertips in the freshly dry wig to hack open. At this level, you can add oil to the wig, but not too much.

Step 3: Apply a generous mousse of good quality to your hair. When the mousse is added, obey the natural hair curve.

Step 4: Let the mousse finally dry the hair and the shine is going to return.

Tips and tricks to safeguard your wig

The following are some tips to help you care for your body wig waves;

  • Rather than using a comb or a brush, you should use your fingers to detangle the hair. There will be less breakage this way.
  • Avoid using heat to style the hair. But if you must, use a heat protecting spray and medium temperature
  • The wig should be covered with a silk scarf when going to sleep to prevent unnecessary frizzing and tangling.

Clinching body wave wigs maintenance

Be wise and intelligent while handling your wig. You can compare various choices in wig texture and color to find the best match. The perch is not so difficult to hold. All you need to do is follow a few simple basic steps and be careful. Detangling, brushing, and using natural oil are some of the things you should be mindful of when using wigs. You should hang up the wig during drying, and avoiding heat design ideas for your wigs.

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