How to choose your skin care products


Skincare products are just as popular as the groceries in your kitchen store, but not many people know about making the right choices. To many, you walk into a drug store and choose a skincare product that you read from some “makeup reviews” article or one a friend referred to you. That’s probably why you still have a problem with your skin, and you’re almost giving up on it. 

Reading an article like this helps you understand how to go about choosing the right skincare products.

Consider your skin type.

Before you apply that skincare product to your skin, you must understand your skin type. Your skin could be normal, oily, dry, or a combination. Cosmetic dermatologists observe that skin type is the most crucial factor when choosing a skincare product that works for you. There are no necessarily bad skincare products, but not all the products fit your type of skin. It could be your skin is sensitive or acne-prone; you have to be extra cautious with the skincare products you use. 

Oily skin has a broader range of ingredients that do not fit other skin types. For oily skin, look for alpha hydroxyl acids, benzoyl peroxide, which are perfect for controlling excessive production of sebum and hyaluronic acids help produce hydration only in areas needed. 

For dry skin, you’ve to get products with Shea butter and lactic acid. These provide mild exfoliation and hydration, keeping the skin dry and radiant. 

Sensitive skin will require products containing aloe-Vera Shea butter and oatmeal. Such are great moisturizers and don’t break anyone out.

If you ain’t sure about your skin type, it’s only prudent that you pay a visit to a dermatologist to help you out. 

Refuse to buy the marketing hype

Marketing these days has gone a notch higher, and with so many platforms throwing adverts left, right and center, you could be confused on the right skincare products to choose from. Packaging and popularity of a skincare product sometimes push us to choose products not because they’ll add value to us but because of the much hype from marketers.

If an influencer recommends some skincare product, ignore the look of their skin, but what you need to know is their skin type. That way, you know whether it’s worth a trial or not.

Even if a product has many positive reviews, checking the ingredients is the surest way to buy a skincare product online. 

Natural doesn’t always mean excellent.

There’s now a wave that natural products are the best for skincare, but that doesn’t always have to be true. Most of these are marketing gimmicks to try and take advantage of the increasing “sensitive” population. The terms “natural” you see on those beauty products are not specific industry standards, and neither are they regulated. Instead, you’d check out their ingredients to confirm that they are genuinely what is best for your skin type.

When choosing skin care products, read the beauty products reviews avoid the marketing tricks on the labels and go for a product whose ingredients befit your skin type. If you’re not sure about the entire subject, seek help from a cosmetic dermatologist.

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