How to Choose the Best Earrings for Your Face Shape


Earrings are an excellent option to add some life to your appearance and look elegant and gorgeous within minutes. They are a must-have item for everyone. If you choose wisely, earrings can highlight your best features and add colour and personality to your outfit. But they’re not worth it if the earrings don’t fit your facial shape and can make you look odd instead of covering up your imperfections and enhancing your appearance. It is crucial to pick earrings that compliment your beauty instead of choosing trendy earrings.

The most effective method to select earrings is to look at your facial shape. One simple trick is to choose earrings that match the facial features. To find out the natural form of the face, pull back your hair, and then in the mirror, draw your face’s contour with lipstick or soap.

This guide will assist you in picking the earrings at that look the most attractive on you by looking at the shape of your face.

Oval-Shaped Face

People with oval-shaped faces are most fortunate since they can wear everything, and it’s perfect for their facial features. If you’ve got a wide oval-shaped face and cheekbones, you’ll be able to wear every earring style and material.

One style of earrings you can try is teardrop or dangly earrings that can emphasize your face without stretching the length of your face. But, you can explore other designs and select the one that suits your style.

Round-Shaped Face

For round-shaped faces, it is advised to wear square or elongated earrings. So earrings don’t emphasize the forehead’s narrowness and aid in highlighting the cheekbones.

It is also possible to experiment with teardrop or dangly earrings made of an elegant material, i.e., gemstones and style. The most common shape to stay clear of is round earrings.

Heart-Shaped Face

When you’ve got a heart-shaped facial shape, i.e., a wider forehead and more refined cheekbones, you can put on long earrings to emphasize the gorgeous contours of your jaws and cheekbones.

A long chandelier type of earrings can highlight your distinctive jawline and balance the lower curves.

The gemstone material earrings can be the best choice for people with oval faces as they smooth the edges of their chins and highlight other attractive characteristics of their faces.

Diamond-Shaped Face

If you’ve got a diamond shape face, you’ll have prominent cheekbones, an elongated chin and a forehead. Similar to the heart-shaped form, the forehead is the main focal point you have. Wear long-hanging earrings that soften the sharp lines of your face.

One design you might be avoiding is a diamond-shaped shape. This can highlight your forehead as well as other facial features.

Square-Shaped Face

Consider wearing earrings with rounded designs and materials such as gold or gemstones for those with square faces. It will soften the sharp jawlines or cheekbones. Hoop earrings are a good choice for formal events. The one shape you should avoid is a square-shaped earring since they can look unflattering when viewed from the length of your face.

Narrow Face

The narrow (or rectangular) faces share the same shape as the square faces but are longer. Dangles with long dangles tend to decrease the length of small beginnings. I recommend dangles with an elongated curvature, like these teardrop dangles in triples that enhance cheekbones and soften the look.

One Face Fits All

Unsure of your face’s shape or earrings that can be worn on any occasion? Diamond studs are perfect for you. The shine and sparkle of diamond earrings create the perfect eye-catcher. They can be worn effortlessly, from casual attire on weekends to the most elegant black tie affair.

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