How to choose and make heels more comfortable


Choosing the right heels isn’t as simple as picking the cutest ones, comfort and wearability plays a big factor for most women. The problem is most heels aren’t designed to be comfortable, probably from the absurd belief that heels need to be uncomfortable in order to be sexy. Beauty does not need to be painful, you can rock a pair of heels without the blisters and pain.

1) The basics of walking in heels is “Heel to toe”. You put your weight on only the heel and balance long enough to land your step on your toes. This takes practice and not all women have mastered the art of walking in high heels yet. Choosing a pair of heels that has a closer distance between the heel and the balls of your feet will make landing your step much easier. Unfortunately most heels are designed with the heel completely on the edge. Listed below is a shoe brand that makes all their heels with a heel a bit more centered inwards for a more balanced step.

2) Head to your pharmacy and add an insole. Memory foam and silicone gel insoles work wonders for cushioning the foot. Insoles can get pricey and often your heels don’t have enough space inside to fit anything more than your foot. Bouti Comfortable High Heels (the brand listed below) has a built in silicone gel AND memory foam insole already built into the heels.

3) Put band-aids on areas your skin is prone to blisters. Moisturizing your feet before also helps with chaffing. Bouti Comfortable High Heels lines all their high heels with a soft and lightly padded fabric which will avoid any skin irritations.

High heels naturally make a woman more attractive as it accentuates her features. It creates longer, slender looking legs. It causes her back to arch, making all the right body parts stick out a more. And when she is actually able to walk in heels, it can be as mesmerizing to watch as a ballet dancer.

I recommend Bouti Comfortable High Heels, you’ll be able to dance all night in these.

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