Hairstyle Tips For Men With Wavy Hair


If you are like most men, your goal for the morning is to get up and get dressed as quickly as possible. This can be slowed down by having wavy hair. Many of the wavy-haired men we meet at Goodfellas Master Barbershop prefer to have their hair cut or straightened than spend the time caring for their curls. This style guide and hair care tips for men with wavy hair will help you keep your hair looking great.

How do guys take care of their curly hair, you ask? First, let’s get to the point. You have to work hard if you want wavy hair like Nick Jonas or Kit Harrington. But, we often hear men with wavy hair say things like:

  • “Dude, this routine would take up half of my morning.”
  • “Why would you buy another hair product?” I already use shampoo.
  • “Are you nuts? “I’m not going to do this every single day.”

Here’s the deal. Wavy hair is not an excuse. Either you care for your hair and make it look great, or you ignore your wavy hair. This hair care stuff that takes up too much of your morning routine should be stopped. It isn’t as difficult or time-consuming as you might think to care for your wavy hair.

Your hair should be treated daily, just like your body. These products are designed to nourish, clean and hydrate your hair.

Our clients with wavy hair should wash and condition their hair at least once a day. This will reduce the amount of time they have to suffer from the dry puffiness that shampoo can cause. Use a shampoo and a conditioner when shampooing. You shouldn’t mix them.

After you get out of the shower, apply a leave-in cream conditioner. To condition and nourish your hair for frizzy or dry hair, apply a hair-mask once a week after you have finished showering.

Tip:Tangle your hair while you’re in the bath. It will cooperate better when it is wet, and will be less likely to break or tear. It will not break if you dry it. Don’t force it. Once you have dried off, it is time to style your wavy hair. Remember to take care of your hair. 

Style your wavy hair with your fingers or a high quality wide-tooth comb. You can use the wide-tooth to curl your hair, and then style it with your fingers.

Do not pull your hair. You’ll look like Justin Timberlake from the 90s. No one wants that.

You can tie your hair with an elastic wrap, but you should release tension by pulling in the opposite direction. Avoid hairstyles that force the hair down or are flat, such as side-swept hairstyles or classic slicked-back looks. If you don’t style your hair with styling products, these flat styles can be difficult to manage for wavy hair.

Visit A Barber

If you have tried all our hair care tips and still can’t get your hair to cooperate you may need to see a barber. Many men believe they don’t like their hair curled, but in reality they just hate it. A barber can help you texture and layer your hair to make it more comfortable, responsive to your commands and less poofy.

This article was written by a master barber at Goodfellas Barbershop in St.Petersburg FL. Goodfellas is the best barber shop in St. Petersburg FL, specializing in modern barbering with traditional techniques. We offer all types of cuts and styles as well as straight razor shaves and beard trimming with precision detailing. Family-owned and operated since 2012. 

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