Got a New Tattoo? Tips For Taking Care of It For The First Two Weeks


Taking care of your tattoo in the first two weeks is very much essential. You need to remember that a new tattoo is just like a fresh wound and it is always vulnerable to external factors like sunlight, water, dirt & dust, etc. The more attention and focus you pay on the tattoo, the better it is. It will be in a great shape and last much longer than you can expect. If you are confused about how to properly take care of the tattoo in the first two weeks, then make sure to take a look at today’s blog.

Week One – for the first few days, it is very normal if you feel the skin where you got inked warm and have a reddish look. The colors of the tattoo will be really bright when compared to the color of the skin. As the tattoo starts to heal in the next few days, the color will turn less vibrant. You should avoid bringing the tattoo in direct contact with water for at least the first 2-3 weeks. You can surely use some lukewarm water after every few days to wash it, but never scrub or rub it directly with water.

Depending on the kind of environment you are living and the lifestyle you lead, will determine how many times you need to wash the tattoo. If you are constantly sweating or working in outside conditions, then you would want to wash the tattoo at least once every 2-3 days. Or else washing the tattoo twice every week is more than enough. Always wash the tattoo with clean fingers and never with a towel.

In the first week, you will see a few scabs coming out and you must never pick them. You can gently pat them while washing in order to get them removed. But never pick them. This can cause serious irritation to the skin and leads to different kinds of skin problems. Use a tattoo aftercare cream to get rid of the itching.

Week Two – as the second week arrives, you will see the scabs to come off. It is always necessary to use some water to gently wash the scabs and remove them. As we mentioned earlier, it is never a good idea to pick them. It can seriously damage the tattoo or lead to different kinds of skin problems. You can use a good quality tattoo ointments and keep the area moisturized and prevent the terrible itching. Avoid bringing the tattoo under the sun or direct contact with water in the second week as well. Remember to wash the tattoo at least once every week and let it dry as time goes by.

Final Words – so as you can see, these are some really important things you need to remember when you are taking care of your new tattoo. The first two weeks is especially important as the tattoo is still not dry and requires really close attention in order to heal properly.

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