General tips for wearing a hoodies


  • Do not wear the hoodie with a rock band logo on the front.
  • Those without a zipper look more formal than those with a zipper.
  • Wear a sweatshirt that fits you well, that is your size.
  • He prefers solid color hoodies without a logo.
  • As part of a layered look

When you wear it as part of a layered look, it loses a bit of prominence. However, it is a great help to protect you on the coldest days. You will look good and be hot at the same time.

To achieve this look you should wear a sweatshirt with or without a zip over a simple shirt,
teddy fresh beanie preferably white. Over these a coat. In addition, complete with slim-fit jeans and a pair of sneakers.

To get an athleisure look

If you want to feel comfortable and avoid the cold, you can opt for this athleisure look. You do not have to look like you are lazy to dress or go to the gym.

Avoid baggy hoodies with a giant logo on the front. He prefers soft and not heavy fabrics that are of quality. Because to achieve this look it is important that they fit the body and that you look “clean”.

Wear your gray zip-free hoodie with peep jeans and white sneakers. You can also use them with relax type pants, which have a drawstring at the waist, fit at the ankles and are lightweight. These should be snug to the body to look your best.

You can complete with a cap, for the sunniest days. Therefore, you will ease the formal look a bit.

Under a leather jacket

If you were not convinced by the layered look with a coat. You can use this option, a combination of sweatshirt with leather jacket is a classic, and it works well year after year. So have no doubt that it will look good on you.

The best thing is that now hoodies have better fabrics, which fit better to the body. Therefore, you will not look all tight with a sweatshirt under a jacket. Of course, invest in pieces that are of quality that fit you well. In addition, that you can use them in different situations.

Hoodies with suits

You can wear a sweatshirt with a tuxedo or a blazer, but you must channel your look well to look great. Do not be afraid to try it.

Pair the sweatshirt with a casual outfit and some sneakers. Try a light gray sweatshirt, with a suit of a lighter shade and lace-up shoes.

Hoodies with dress pants

This is a similar look to the previous one; you can wear a sweatshirt with dress pants. This way you will get out of the teenage style of hoodies.

He prefers a neutral-toned sweatshirt, dress pants, and fancy sneakers. If you want to go a bit further, wear checked pants.

Ladies’ Fashion: How to Wear Hoodies

Everybody ought to have at any rate one women’s sweatshirt in their storeroom. It is something that you can wear quickly, in summer, spring or winter. It will finish any look, be it easygoing or energetic.

No matter which option you choose, remember the importance of accessories. For example, if you wear a sweatshirt without a hood, color block hoodie you can wear a colored scarf for a different touch.

Cropped hoodies

If you are plus size and want to look fashionable, you can opt for a short sweatshirt. They are fashionable and can be combined with high-cut skinny jeans. Complete with pointed heels and you will have a perfect look for a night out.

Women’s Layered Sweatshirt

For the colder months, you can wear a layered sweatshirt. Think of something similar to how you would wear a cardigan. One option is to wear a trench coat over a solid color sweatshirt, black leggings, and trendy sneakers.

Another layered combination would be with a leather jacket over the sweatshirt. This will look good with leggings, jeans, or even a skirt. You can wear ballerinas or heels for a slightly more feminine look.

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