Finer Choices for the best Women’s Clothes Now


It’s back to school, it’s time to think about your fall or winter wardrobe, ladies. It is an important subject to be on top of the trend and succeed in having a look in perfect harmony with your personality. And it’s delicate, because we absolutely cannot choose only favorite outfits. It is imperative to pay attention to your morphology to know how to dress well and show off. So, what do we choose for the coming new season? The women’s camo clothing happens to be the best choice here.

Define your figure

If you search well on online stores, you will be guided in the choice of your articles, but you will however have to define your silhouette with precision. In fact, all morphologies are not the same:

  • You can first have a silhouette in a that is to say pyramidal. As the name suggests, your shoulders are narrow and your hips wider. Sleeveless dresses will be perfect for you!
  • Then there is also the H-shaped silhouette, with a slight waist, and with broad shoulders like the hips. You will then have to start your figure.
  • Then, the figure 8 corresponds to a thin waist and marked hips. In this case, opt for a curved cut, like the tailor for example, which will be perfect for you.
  • Next comes the O- shaped silhouette, which corresponds to rounder women: flared-cut clothes will be perfect.
  • The V-shape is for women with thin hips and wider shoulders. The upper body can be concealed with wider cuts, combined with pants or skirts close to the body.

You will understand, it is not always possible to wear what you want. It is absolutely necessary to pay attention to the clothes you choose according to your body type. To define your figure, it is not difficult: you can do it yourself, or have it confirmed by an image consultant for example who will be able to guide you in the choice of your camo clothes.

Opt for the tailor, this fall’s trend

Everything obviously depends on your style and your needs, especially professional. For a chic and modern look, the tailor is back this fall! In sober and elegant tones, the tailor can be pants or skirt; it is up to you to choose what you prefer. The jacket is generally accompanied by a blouse or a top with a rounded neckline. You can accessorize this woman’s suit as you see fit with a pretty scarf for example, very trendy, or even discreet jewelry that will enhance your outfit in its entirety. Do not hesitate to visit the Christine Laure site which offers several tailors who could suit you.

The tailor is a comfortable and easy-to-wear garment that you can easily wear throughout the season. The jacket is sometimes enough to keep you warm and you will not need to add an additional garment, unless it is really cold outside.


The tailor is a timeless one that will give elegance and refinement to your look. As a business woman, it is an item of clothing that you absolutely must have in your wardrobe: it is undoubtedly the perfect professional outfit for any occasion, which will give credit to your words in front of your customers. No doubt, this outfit sends an important signal, between seriousness, chic and professionalism. So you can offer yourself a tailor now.


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