Few Famous Collections Of 3 Wishes Fabric


3 Wishes Fabric is a reputed name that offers regular as well as digitally printed fabric in the market. The material remains 100% cotton and hence one of the best textures to make different quilts and wall hangings. Here are some of the most popular collection of this brand available for you:


  • American Spirit


As the name suggests, this collection consists of red and blue trucks along with emblem flags. You get different layouts of the American Flag along with attractive flower designs in this collection. The company manufactures this material from 100% cotton and measures around 44 inches wide. But that is not all. You get different prints as well like:

  • Stars on blue which comes with blue bender background
  • American words, written in blue, gold, white and red colors
  • Bicycle parade consists of blue and red bicycles with flowers and American Flag
  • Camping which showcases trucks, patriotic campers, flowers, Flag and banners that depict “Independence”


  • Bloom with Grace


The next collection, which consists of Bible Verses, is the “Bloom with Grace.” It is ideal for making Christmas gifts and is available in different varieties. 


  • Lovitude


Another exclusive collection of 3 Wishes Fabric is “Lovitude.” The collection depicts some vibrant colors, images along with motivational messages. It helps you keep an optimistic outlook towards life as you regularly use this kind of fabric panel in life. Made from 100% cotton, this one measures 36” length by 42” width.


  • Ray of hope


As the name suggests, the fabric panel depicts beautiful images digitally printed on 100% cotton material. It comes in different variants to meet the requirements of the users. You get to choose between celestial images, butterflies, flowers, and many such attractive designs. 

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