Everything To Know About Peptides In Skincare


The skincare industry has been developing at a steady pace for the past 2 decades. Since the pandemic hit us, most people have been stuck at home and do not feel the need to wear makeup for most scenarios. However, people have started focusing on skincare more than ever. From proper skincare routines to the development of products made for different kinds of skin, peptides in skincare are one such development. If you want to know about what peptides do for your skin or if they are all hype, then keep reading. Here is everything you need to know about peptides in skincare:

What are peptides?

Peptides are the ingredient in our skin that is indirectly responsible for its strength, texture, and resilience. In medical terms, peptides are like short chains of amino acids that help build up complex proteins like collagen, elastin, and keratin. These proteins are crucial for your skin and help it be consistent. Without peptides, skin can be less intact, which can in turn cause wrinkles, a decrease in firmness, and other negative impacts.

Peptides play an important role in determining how your body will perform. Peptides are found in almost every cell present in your body. However, companies like HydroPeptide are now using peptides to make skincare products more efficient.

How do they work for our skin?

If peptides are present in every cell in our body, then there should already be an abundance of them. So, why would we need more peptides? Well, it’s because of aging. After 30 years of age, you lose 1% of peptide every year, which causes the skin’s natural communication to die down. If peptides aren’t there, then the essential proteins won’t be able to provide our skin with the strength it needs.

The working of peptides in skin care products is a little complex. You can’t just expect them to induce peptides in your body just by applying them to your face. Instead, what these external peptides do is, signal your body that it needs healing, and hence, the body tries to produce more collagen where your skin is weakening. 

Advantages of peptides

Although it doesn’t work like a miracle and won’t give you 20 years younger skin, peptides in skincare products have their advantages.

  •  Stronger skin barrier

A skin barrier, as the name suggests, is a kind of shield for your skin that protects it from external contents like pollution, smoke, bacteria, Ultraviolet rays, etc. The skin barrier can deteriorate from over-exfoliation and overexposing your skin to harmful smoke or pollution. Peptides help the skin barrier to heal over time.

  • Wrinkles are less visible

As mentioned, peptides help in making collagen, which is a kind of protein. Collagen helps your skin and lips get plumper. When your skin and lips are plump, fine lines and wrinkles are less visible comparatively.

  • Adds bounce to your skin

Who doesn’t like elastic skin? But having and maintaining it consistently is one hell of a job. Peptides also make elastin fibers, which is also a kind of protein. This protein helps the skin become tauter and firmer. 

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