Esoteric Jewelry: Your Ultimate Guide for 2020


Acquiring and collecting esoteric jewelry has long been a unique market that few people have got into or really understood what it is all about. However, since the creation of the internet, the hobby has taken off. You can get just about any strange, weird, and seemingly abstruse type of jewelry online. This has played a big part in the culture of wearing a unique piece of art. Jewelry is art. It always has been. Everybody wants some unique jewelry. Which in doing so no longer makes the pastime true to what it is.

Remember esoteric jewelry is by nature one of a kind piece. How can mass-produced jewelry be esoteric? The idea of a unique, secret, or occult idea or symbol turned into jewelry is the whole idea. When 2 million of the pieces are made in China, is it still esoteric? The idea of a mass-produced piece of jewelry for a small number of collectors makes no sense. So does it mean that the true definition of esoteric is the idea that produces the jewelry? Yes, if you design and make it yourself, then it is truly esoteric.

When you buy a ring with an eyeball on it, is that an esoteric piece of jewelry? Or a mass-produced piece of crap made for 3 cents and sold to millions of Americans for $3.50. I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder. Because an esoteric piece of jewelry was not made for someone else to look at. It was made for the wearer, probably by the wearer for the extent purpose of expressing their knowledge of a specialized subject that few people would understand anyway. So esoteric jewelry is worn by the creator for the creator. If it wasn’t then it would not be considered esoteric by the very definition of the word by itself.

The symbol of the fish representing Jesus is a great example of esoteric. Used by early Christians to convey to other Christians their belief in the same thing. This symbol has been turned into a piece of jewelry. Which by nature no longer makes the symbol esoteric or the piece of jewelry esoteric. Millions upon millions of pieces of jewelry have been made with this distinctive representative symbol, thus rendering the esoteric meaning conveyed by the early symbol, as mute and void. Why? because everyone knows what it means and why it stood for this. This can no longer be considered esoteric. It once was by definition put into fruition, a great example, but no longer because of the sheer number of people who understand it.

All this sounds a bit over the top for a definition of eccentric jewelry right..? That’s why. Esoteric is not eccentric. There is a big difference. The two, unfortunately, have been universally exchanged for each other and it is not correct. That is why I included the definition of the word esoteric in this article. That explains the meaning of the word. Which should help in the understanding of the concept of esoteric type jewelry. I have seen this type of jewelry a few times in my treasure hunting experiences. I have tried to make some myself. In my opinion, It is better left to the expert in the creation of this type of jewelry. I will design it and then have it made for me by a professional silversmith who knows the metal and how to create things with it. Otherwise, it will look like something I got from China for $3.50.

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