Effective Non-Invasive Tattoo Removal Treatments for Tattoo Removal


Do you need to get rid of your unwanted tattoos? Pico laser therapy, an innovative laser treatment in Singapore, might be the most effective method for removing tattoos.

The Pico laser is suggested for most clients due to its effectiveness in destroying tattoo ink and dramatically reducing the look of the target tattoo put onto your skin. It is also rapid, with faster recovery periods, meaning that you will not need to take any time off following this procedure.

Pico as the Most Effective Tattoo Removal Method?

Pico is among the most technologically innovative tattoo removal techniques available. It’s the highest standard in procedures for removing tattoos, and if you have old inks that you wish to erase, it would be the ideal choice for you.

Tattoo removal through Pico laser is popular because, unlike other laser tattoo removal methods that use innovative nanosecond tech to erase tattoos, it provides energy in a trillionth of a single second. Pico lasers generate ultra-quick bursts that maximize the photomechanical effect of laser energy.

This efficiently helps in the effective destruction of the targeted ink into very little particles that are readily eliminated by your body.

Treatment Using A Pico Laser

The effectiveness of tattoo removal is impacted by a variety of variables, including the type of skin you have, the placement of your tattoos, and, most crucially, the coloration of your tattoos. If your tattoos are particularly vivid, your dermatologist might need to mix multiple lasers to remove them (consisting of varied colors) successfully. This is critical due to the vast differences in how various ink colors react to various laser wavelengths.

Just How Many Pico Laser Treatment Sessions Are Required To Get Rid of A Tattoo?

As what has been said before in this article, the chemical makeup of the ink utilized in your tattoos,  the depth and density of the placement of the ink, and your skin type all affect how your tattoo reacts to laser treatments. Pico allows you to get more frequent treatments than you could with traditional tattoo removal methods.

The majority of patients get their tattoos removed in three to five sessions, spaced six to eight weeks apart. A consultation with a cosmetic doctor in Singapore would be beneficial in determining the amount of treatments that would work best for you.

Your cosmetic doctor will go through your problem and any circumstances that may impact your therapy during the appointment. They will then provide you with an estimate of how many sessions will be required for the tattoo removal.

It’s important to remember that this tattoo removal treatment isn’t a quick remedy. It’s a long procedure that will take some time and will need for you to be patient. You might be required to wait roughly eight weeks to get the most out of the procedure.

Is It a Long-Term Solution?

One of the most major benefits of this type of removal is that it yields permanent results. Once the particles of the tattoo ink have been fragmented, they will be eliminated from your system, leaving you with clearer skin.

Because the outcomes of this therapy are actually permanent, you shouldn’t anticipate your tattoos to return. The only exception is if you used Pico laser therapy to reverse symptoms of aging, such as wrinkle removal.

The issue may resurface gradually as your skin matures in such circumstances. When compared to invasive skin restoration operations, the good news is that this therapy is mild and economical. This means you’ll be able to undergo another treatment to deal with any lingering issues, such as wrinkles.


One of the most popular tattoo removal methods is pico laser treatment. It’s not only rapid, but it’s also effective, with few side effects. To discover more about how we can help you erase any undesired tattoos from your skin, contact your preferred aesthetic clinic today.

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