Diamond Engagement ring or Diamond wedding ring?


Sophisticated, robust, rich in details and with features that recall the vintage style without giving up classic and contemporary lines, this is the definition of a perfect diamond engagement ring. If you are looking for a jewel with unique beauty to represent one of the most important moments in a couple’s life: engagement, visit Alexander Sparks online collections. Depending on your budget, choice and style, you will get the perfect diamond engagement rings.

Elaborate design of a perfect diamond wedding ring

The design of diamond engagement ring is so surprising that it appears to have come out of a fairy tale. Its structure features meticulous work that features beautiful arches, delicate designs: all combined with the surprising brilliance of natural diamonds. The halo engagement ring has gained space in the world of jewelry. In fact, this style of design your own custom engagement rings tops the wish list of many couples. The great advantage of going with a halo ring, in addition to the beauty of an imposing diamond crown, is the great cost benefit. This is because in halo diamond rings, it is possible to create a crown with impressive brilliance using only small diamonds and an intermediate central diamond. Although the solitary engagement ring, a ring that features only a central stone, is the style most associated with the marriage proposal. The result is a unique jewel, specially designed to crown the engagement in a sublime way.

Vintage style diamond engagement ring

In the world of jewelry, we use the term vintage to characterize rings that have 20th century design. That is, pieces produced more or less 50 and 100 years ago. When the piece is produced in the present times but presents a look that recalls jewels of the past, we say that the ring has a vintage or retro style. This is the case with the vintage style diamond engagement rings. Its elaborate design is a modern reinterpretation of jewelry from past times.

While period jewellery carried characteristics that favored a luxurious look, even extravagant in some cases, the diamond ring brings the proposal of a design full of details combined with contemporary features in a balanced way. This balance results in a sophisticated jewel, which allows the vintage reference to be easily identified without looking overly thematic. The diamond engagement ring is the ideal engagement ring for a modern bride who identifies herself with the vintage style or for those who appreciate exuberant jewelry and rich in details.

The center stone of this engagement ring can be colored

For those looking for a diamond engagement ring that escapes the ordinary and reveals the personality of the bride better, jewelry design is a very important point. However, there is another resource that can innovate the look and even give a different meaning to the engagement jewelry: colored stones. A diamond engagement ring with colored stone can demonstrate the bride’s favorite color. The diamond ring draws the attention of those who are looking for a jewel with unique details and its sophistication, irreverence and exclusivity put this jewel on the wish list of many couples. Over the years, the diamond ring has been part of beautiful romantic surprises.

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Engagement Ring – wedding ring difference

What is the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring? Aren’t they the same? These are common doubts, especially for men. Engagement rings and wedding rings represent different moments of a relationship: the marriage proposal and the wedding itself. Although many people think that everything is the same, these moments have certain peculiarities and are quite different. The marriage proposal is a moment whose control is in the hands of the man. Although, there are many cases of women making beautiful marriage proposals.

The request is an essentially romantic moment, where you will tell the person you love It’s time to do something special for her. She made you a better person, took care of you and brought meaning to your life. Yes, now you will show in your way all the feelings you have for her, to finally invite her to be part of your life forever. The touch of the unexpected gives more shine and meaning to the feelings involved in the occasion. So, the diamond engagement ring is your companion for that moment. Your moment to rock the world of the person you love.

Wedding rings – The wedding is a later moment. The plans and feelings are completely different. Now is no time for surprise. Wedding rings are the great symbol of marriage. While together, the bride and groom will wear these beautiful ringlets on their fingers. Do not forget that each couple has a very particular history, conditions and feelings. So don’t make customs mandatory rules. The rule is to use what makes the most sense to you.

Thus, the wedding rings and the engagement ring carry meanings of different moments and feelings. However, it is important to remember that wedding rings are also used as symbols of engagement.

Today, Alexander Spark’s innovative and renowned collection of diamond rings present the perfect balance between vintage and contemporary style. Undoubtedly, diamond engagement ring is a true work of art and is the perfect jewel to immortalize special moments.

Conclusion: A word about diamond certificates

If you have survived this far, you must have realized the importance of the central diamond in a ring, especially in those cases where it is of considerable size. Therefore, it is natural for people to seek certificates that attest to the quality of the diamond that makes up their jewelry. In the market there are basically two types of certificates: those issued by jewelry stores and those issued by specialized laboratories. Diamonds with laboratory certificates are naturally more expensive than their peers without this type of certification. Therefore, it is natural that many people search for laboratory certificates. However, it is necessary to make a small adjustment to the reality.

Always trust a professional jewellery store which has trusted reputation in the market. Before pacing any orders, visit the website, read the reviews, choose the design, compare the material and quality and compare prices.

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