Debbie Wingham’s creations and the $15.1 Million High Heels


The name Debbie Wingham is a synonym for luxury. She is well known in the high fashion world and now has stepped into making super luxurious cakes as well. Her interest in designing fashion items started at the early age of 13. Since then she has continued to create extravagant fashion pieces that are not only magnificent by the look but super expensive as well. A few years back she made headlines with her $15 million heels.

Notable creations

People still remember her extravagant Red Abaya Dress that cost $17 million which was full of flower details and expensive diamonds. She also made a cake for Easter that looked like the mannequin of a UAE bride; this is known as the most expensive Easter gift till now. For the easter, she also created the emu egg purse full of diamonds. The bag also had Cartier earrings as the clasp and a Hermes scarf that was upcycled. People appreciated her idea of upcycling to protect the environment. She also created an expensive black diamond gown containing fifty black diamonds.

She made a cake based on the Kardashians, a candy dispensing cake, and other amazing cake decorations that only shows how wild she can get with her ideas. She uses 3-D edible painting, gemstones, and sculpted chocolate on her signature cakes. She plans everything to perfection when designing her cakes and they are evident in all her wonderful creations.

Her million-dollar heels

Debbie Wingham designs only for wealthy fashion enthusiasts. Her fashion items appeal to the high-class people who are ready to spend millions just forgetting something exceptional. She has a lot of clients in the United Arab Emirates. 

She created the $15 million heels as a birthday present for the daughter of a wealthy client. When designing the shoes she had to keep in mind that the shoes shouldn’t be something that people will find in the high-end shops; otherwise, the client wouldn’t have come to her.

The shoe she created is unique in every respect and full of glamour and luxury. She collaborated with the artist Chris Campbell to make this extraordinary pair of shoes. The zips at the bottom of the shoes were made of 18K gold. The stitching is also done with an 18K gold thread. The leather is painted with 24K gold paint. 

The flowers on the shoes were handcrafted using leather. Thousands of diamonds are embedded in the shoes. The heels are adorned with pink, blue, and white diamonds, and all the diamonds are set in platinum. The shoe had piping that looked like icing on the cake. It took many days of hard work for the duo to finally create this masterpiece.

Her future works

Debbie Wingham wishes to pass on her skills to the artists and fashion designers of the new generation. That’s why she started the Future of Fashion Academy. She wants to give the new and young fashion designers every tool needed to showcase their talents to the world. She creates opportunities for these designers to participate in the Fashion Weeks. 

Her students are very young and she gives them the platform to walk along with the top models and mingle with the top designers of the fashion industry. She believes that this will give them the confidence they need to move forward and become an established and famous designer one day.

Her $15 million shoe client was more than happy with the creation and the designers’ hard work paid off. Everyone’s eyes are on those shoes now and no one will miss an opportunity to wear such rare heels. This is true for all her creations and that’s why she never had to look back.

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