Common Interview Questions That You Should Prepare For


Whether you have already been interviewed or you have never been into an interview, it is always good to know what to expect. Most people head into interview rooms expecting a lot of career specific questions but the truth is that most employers don’t ask about your career. As an interviewee, knowing these common questions will enable you to craft the best answers and ace your interview. Stay confident, maintain eye contact and you will be able to please your potential employers. Below are some of the common questions and how to answer them as explained in

Tell Me About Yourself 

Probably the first question you will be asked in an interview room. First tell the interviewer about your current role and responsibilities. This will let them know where your stand and your professional position. Second, tell them about how you got to that current position and what you previously did in previous job. Most people make a mistake of telling the interviewer about themselves and their personal interests. Remember such questions might sound too general but they determine a lot how your critical thinking is. 

Why do You Want This Job? 

Even if you are leaving your current job due to low pay or because of anything personal, don’t mention it. The best way to answer it is to look for an answer that matches the job profile. For example, as a nurse, I have always had a dream of bettering my career at whatever I do. I the previous job, I acquired or learnt skills that will make attain these objectives and serve your institution better. 

Am an agent of positive change and I want to work and bring positive impact not just to the institution but even to the clients. If you mention how bad your previous work place was, you may be asked to list the things that upset you in that previous job and maybe they are also present in the current workplace you have attended an interview for. 

Why Should We Hire You?

Don’t talk about your special qualifications because this may sound like you value your value your academic credentials more than the work objectives. In line with the stated objectives, explain to the interviewee how perfectly fit into the role and how your skills can help in ensuring you accomplish all those objectives. By doing that, you will be able to attain excellent interview marks and scores.

What is Your Greatest Strength?

Be specific and straight to the point. You can state that you have creativity, originality and open-mindedness among many other types of strengths. Don’t start telling the interviewer about how great you are and others can’t match your skills. Just be simple and straight to the point to ensure you don’t confuse the interviewer.


When it comes to interview, you might have all the professional skills but if you answer the questions wrongly, you could end up failing the interview. Prepare well and ensure you put all the basics and concepts in mind to avoid doing the wrong thing. 

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