Characteristics of Gold Jewelry


Some many jewelers or shops sell jewelry, it is important to be aware of what kind of jewelry is being sold out there. Despite being aware, one has to be able to distinguish between the different kinds of metals that jewelry is made of. It is easy for a jeweler or shop attendant to tell you this is gold, but are you sure that is gold or plastic that is coated with gold like kind of metal.

5 Characteristics of Gold Jewelry

It is very easy for our eyes to be deceived and when one is attracted to something, they end up buying it. This article will highlight five characteristics of gold jewelry.


Rarity is defined as the state of something rare. Gold is rare. It is rare because it takes a lot of work getting to produce gold or to retrieve it from the earth.

It takes a lot of heat as well for gold to unleash itself. The work that is put in to get real gold is the reason why gold becomes so expensive to buy. It is not just ornamenting but even first place runners are awarded gold medals. This is reason enough to show that gold is not just any kind of metal but a metal that is worth a lot.


The beauty that is brought out by the gold metal is enormous. A gold bracelet for women is something that a woman should be proud of getting as a gift or purchasing for herself as it is will pop out the beauty in her.

It is mostly on occasions like weddings that women want to look beautiful and more so the bride and her maids. A bride who wants to look beautiful will invest in getting herself gold jewelry for her special day to be memorable.


It is easy for fake gold to tarnish especially those that are painted with a color that resembles that of gold. Real gold however does not tarnish. Gold has so much purity that it would not be easily tarnished through heat, air, or even moisture.

Jewelry that is made of gold is that which one can even take a shower while with them on. Examples include gold stud earrings, gold bracelets, and even gold necklaces.


Another great characteristic of real gold is that it is durable. This means that one can use them for a long period. The durability of gold is so great in that it keeps the same glow that it was purchased with.

Genuine gold will not change its look however long one keeps it. This characteristic hence shows the worth of one getting a piece of gold jewelry as it is something that one will not get disappointed with.


Many of the times when one purchases something expensive, they want to keep it safe. It would make someone angry seeing someone crash something that one invested in. Gold is malleable. This means that it can be hammered or pressed into any form.

I guess if one is not aware gold is malleable, they would not allow it to be touched. But this characteristic would be a consolation to one incase a fire breaks out in one’s house or someone happens to hammer your piece of gold jewelry.

The fact that gold is malleable, means that even if your piece of gold necklace, gold ring, or gold bracelet is deformed, it can always be spotted. One can get a jeweler to take it back to what form they wish to have it in.


It is sad to know that what one bought is fake and not true gold. It is for such reasons that a jewelry lover should try as much as possible to know the characteristics of gold jewelry.

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