Casual Summer Outfit Ideas for Christian Girls


Did you know that Christianity is the largest religious group in the world? As a Christian, you probably run into others of the same each day. What better way to impress them than by showing off your Christian summer outfits.

Read on to learn about casual summer outfit ideas for Christian girls.

Tee and Shorts Combo

One of the stylish yet casual summer outfit ideas is the t-shirt and long shorts combo. Cute graphic tees can be found at almost any store these days including Jesus tees. Can’t find what you’re looking for in stores? Check out these t-shirts that many Christians adore.

As one of the cute casual summer outfit ideas, it is perfect for almost any occasion. Top it off with your favorite sneakers or a pair of adorable matching sandals.

Blouse Tops

Instead of a t-shirt, swap it out for a blouse top. Although it is more dressy than a tee, it is still one of the favorite casual summer outfit ideas.

A flowy and breathable top is great for a fun day out, maybe even a summertime photoshoot. Throw on your favorite jewelry and even consider a cute floppy hat to add to the outfit.

Mid/Maxi Skirts

Mid/maxi skirts are the perfect casual work outfit ideas for summer. There are so many patterns and colors to choose from that you’ll want to have extra pairs. In the summertime, you may opt for a floral pattern that’s cute and feminine.

For a hot summer day, you may want these skirts with a breezy material. Although they look long and hot, some are so lightweight that they feel cool.

You can wear these skirts with a variety of tops and even throw on a jean jacket. If you have a hat, put it on to add to the style and block the summer sun from your face.


Dresses are one of the more business casual summer outfit ideas, but they also work for any occasion. The amazing thing about dresses is that there are many varieties to choose from.

For the summertime, you should find ones with a pop of color. Maybe green, yellow, pink, etc. You could also make a white dress turn into one of the casual-chic summer outfit ideas.

To stick with the idea of modesty, look for dresses that cover everything well. This could mean a dress with long sleeves or just a longer dress in general. The ideal length is right above the knees or lower.

Dresses with a slick feeling material will keep you cool in the warm summer air. Any breathable material will be best when you are up against the heat. The best dresses to wear in the summer are flowy and cool.

Casual Summer Outfit Ideas Christian Girls Will Love

If you are all about modesty, you don’t have to give up on fashion. There are plenty of ways to create a beautiful outfit while feeling cool in the heat and covering up. Start with these casual summer outfit ideas and make them your own!

Keep coming back for more fashion tips that anyone can learn from.

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