Best Womens Clothing for Great Sleep


They call it beauty sleep for a reason! Sleep is when your mind and body rejuvenates itself. With a great night’s sleep, you don’t just look gorgeous. You feel gorgeous too. And, the clothes you wear to sleep make a huge difference to how well you sleep. Below are some great pointers on how to buy clothes that let you sleep better.

Sleep cold? How about some socks?

Do you often wake up because your feet are cold? Bed socks might be the way to go for you. It is a common practice for us gals to stick that leg out from under the sheets when it gets a little warm under the blankets. But, that leaves us with cold feet and a bad night’s sleep. The solution? Simple. Socks. You don’t want to go overboard with woolen socks or anything. Just socks that come up to about your calves should do it. 

Get the right nighty

The right ladies nighties are the ones that are light, airy and without tugs and pulls. Malay Apparel UK is a great place to buy quality nighties in the UK, for incredible prices. They are made out of 100% cotton material and are available in a wide range of colours, lengths and sleeve options. Some even have fleece lining to make for great winter nighties. 

The Bra is a no no!

It’s quite astonishing how many women still go to bed with their bras. Bras are a big no no for sleep. Not only do they dig into your rib cage and constrict your breathing slightly, they are just uncomfortable to sleep in. This is especially true if you wear bras with underwire. Ditch them and feel the difference for yourself. It’s night and day! Or in this case, all night! 

Consider sleeping nude

The best nightie might just be your own birthday suit! While not all women are OK to go naked under the sheets, some do and find it very liberating. Some just do it with their underwear on. Either style can work wonders. This is something you must particularly try if you often wake up feeling hot or flushed under the sheets.

Remove earrings and jewelry 

Another surprisingly common practice is for women to go to bed with jewelry and earrings on. Chains and earrings and bracelets can all press against the skin causing discomfort and even cutting off circulation. Remove it all before you hit the bed and see how much better you sleep. If not for your jewelry, at least do it for your earrings as the skin on your ears are very sensitive to things pressing up against them, like how it happens when you rest your head on a pillow all night!

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