Bay Bringing Argentine Fashion to the US Now


Among the Latin American countries, Argentina happens to be the most stylish one. In cities like Buenos Aires, there is a significant influence of the European styles. From all these, Argentina fashion is rising. Be it the olds or the youngsters, everyone is serious and aware of the new age Argentinian fashion rising up. Such local options are now already famous and available from the top brands.

Bay, the famous brand, is now leading Argentine fashion to the US markets. A lot of enthusiasm and expectations are there, and that is why taking this fashion to the US market was most important.

Trends of Women

Dressing up nicely is an essential matter for Argentine women on a daily basis. Be it the tees and tops like the bay crop tees or the short sleeve tees, and all are now available here at the best price. The best choices are there now for the US women, and so they are most enthusiastic for the same now.

Nighttime Dresses

When it comes to nighttime attires, then Argentine fashion has a lot to offer. There are the cocktail dresses, and then there are the Future is Now Tee, Tank Tops, etc., all that makes the lady look the best. Bay has done significant research to bring out the true essence of the nightwear items.

Palermo, mainly in the Soho area, is one of the most visited neighborhoods, as it presents the latest fashion and design trends of the season. Shopping and fashion lovers must visit and explore this picturesque neighborhood, taking the opportunity to discover the gourmet cuisine offered by renowned restaurants, as well as being able to sit in some “bodegón.”

San Telmo Exploration

Another visit required to explore Argentine design is San Telmo, where more and more young independent designers install their stores. Walking around this neighborhood in the south of Buenos Aires is an open-air cultural and commercial experience, which is complemented by a wide variety of fairs, popular markets, and antique shops.

For those looking for luxury design, Recoleta is the neighborhood par excellence. Even when you don’t intend to buy, then visit to this aristocratic neighborhood, old and modern at the same time, is a must-see on the walk through the City of Design and Fashion. Art, design houses, and boutiques by local and international designers form one of the most elegant areas in the city.

The Fine Options

When it comes to casual wear, Argentine fashion really has a lot to offer. Unlike following the fashion of the other countries, they have actually given birth to their own trends. A significant part of the US is interested in Argentina and the different cultural and social features that make the country stand out from the rest (not to mention Messy or Maradona). No wonder this company’s endeavor to bring out the true essence of Argentinian fashion is a very unique one.


Argentina’s sustainable and ethical fashion focuses on obtaining, manufacturing, and designing clothes that maximize the benefits for the fashion industry and society in general while minimizing their impact on the environment. This approach reduces the amount of microfibers released into the environment, reduces toxic waste, supports animal rights, clothing is different and unique, and reduces pressure on the planet’s resources, as ecological clothing is manufactured through sustainable practices. Bay has become a perfect option here.

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