Anti-Wrinkle Treatments: Why Botox Beats Them All


Why is Botox so Effective?

The reason lies not in the skin, but the layers beneath. Botox is not only the most effective wrinkle treatment but also the best preventative wrinkle treatment because it targets the cause of wrinkles – the muscles.


How do Wrinkles and Lines Form?

As you guess, wrinkles are more than just lines and folds in the skin. They form when nerves under the skin tell a muscle to contract. This action causes the skin above the muscle to fold. Over time, this repeated motion results in thinning of the skin into the lines we know as wrinkles. It’s not much different than folding a piece of paper. In either case, the surface folded begins to weaken at the crease points.

Unfortunately, unlike a sheet of paper, you can’t put your skin under a heavy object or between the pages of a book to flatten it. Yikes!  You can, however, attain a similar result with Botox. By preventing the skin from creasing, you also prevent wrinkles from forming.  And also, unlike paper, your skin regenerates over time, so with the proper care, wrinkles can nearly vanish.


Other Sources of Wrinkles

Although your muscles are the primary source of wrinkles, they’re not the only one. The good news is, two of the following three causes are things you fix yourself.


The Sun

Especially here in Southern California, the sun’s UV rays can damage and age the outer layers of your skin, making it more prone to wrinkle. Think of how an orange looks after drying in the sun.



The nicotine in cigarettes causes your body to restrict blood flow to your skin. When this happens, the skin receives fewer nutrients causing it to form more lines and wrinkles. Think of smoking as a way of slowly starving your skin.



Sadly, some of us are more prone to wrinkling than others. Of course, it’s not fair. But before you blame Mom and Dad, keep in mind, you can prevent wrinkles before they form.


At Home Wrinkle Prevention

While Botox is the best anti-wrinkle prevention, a healthy lifestyle can help too. Drinking more water can keep your skin hydrated, while nutritious foods can supply it with the right vitamins.

Another more obvious prevention measure is to limit your sun exposure and wear protective clothing or hats. And also, be sure to wear sunblock with a minimum SPF 30 even on overcast days.


Stop Wrinkles at the Source!

Sure, you can try anti-wrinkle serums and other creams, but you’ll fight a losing battle because they don’t address the source. You can also try plastic surgery, which can be painful, expensive, and invasive. Or, you can get to the cause of your wrinkles with Botox.

There’s a reason 6.1 million people used cosmetic Botox in 2012 (an 8% increase from 2011) – it works.  Still, you don’t want to receive Botox from just anyone. Do your research and find a well-respected healthcare professional with an excellent track record.

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