A Quick Overview of Freemasonry, Jewelry


You may have a Masonic Temple in your town that hosts events. Have you ever been curious about the organization behind the title “Masonic?” It’s tied to the Freemasons, a fraternal organization with a long, rich tradition of service and companionship. Here is a quick look at its history and core tenets.


Modern Freemasonry started in 1717 in England with the building of the Grand Lodge. The roots of members holding a freemasons ring, however, trace all the way back to the middle ages, growing out of stone masonry guilds.

Moral Code and Social Responsibility

The Freemasons are a fraternal organization, meaning that it is a “brotherhood” made up entirely of men. Members are expected to hold themselves and others to a high moral and ethical standard. A core tenet is not being offensive or defensive in meetings, bringing little of the conflict of the outside world into the Masonic walls. This allows members to focus on camaraderie and social work. Performing charitable acts and supporting their community is also critical to the Freemason’s mission.

Opposition to Specific Religious and Political Affiliations

A common misconception is that the Freemasons are affiliated with a specific religion, or that they are a religion in and of themselves. Really, Masons are expected to be religious, believing and serving God, but they avoid endorsement of any specific religion to promote their belief in inclusivity. Their political actions follow the same model. While they perform social work for the good of the community, they generally avoid more controversial political issues and are not affiliated with any major party in the United States.


While there is a system of rank and seniority within the organization, in keeping with their commitment to inclusivity, the Freemasons hold a core belief that a man’s social standing is irrelevant to his worth. They gladly accept members from all walks of life, regardless of wealth or occupation.

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