A Brief Insight into Double Eyelid Surgery


Aging and genetics can affect the eyelid of the person. Often, they are seen to develop double eyelids. This leads them to believe that they need to undertake some functional and cosmetic correction. Double eyelid surgery comes forward as a good option for the people. As the person gets older, the eyelids start sagging, and the person starts looking older. However, with cosmetic surgeries, they certainly start looking better.

Often, we see people who are born with the droopy eyelids. So even to them, the cosmetic correction operations can be taken at the early stage. There is an option called blepharoplasty, which helps in correcting the problem. It works to remove all the extra fat and skin, which makes the eyelids to droop and sag. It even reshapes both the upper and lower protective covering by attacking the existing muscles of the particular area.

Sagging eyelids can even pose some functional problems for every patient. So, in such cases, it requires immediate correction to make sure that the patient can read and see things. People often get the surgeries done on the upper eyelid because of the impaired vision issue. Generally, the Double eyelid surgery (ทำตาสองชั้น, which is the term in Thai) is done for the cosmetic reason. Some people find the bags under the eyes to be unattractive and hence wish to get rid of it immediately.

How is the surgery performed?

First of all, local anesthesia is being provided to the person. After administering the anesthesia, incisions are made to numb the eye portion when the patent is at a fully awakened state. Patients are generally given medicines to calm their anxiety during working procedures. Hence, after removing all the extra tissues, the surgeons close the incision by using the removable or absorbable stitches or the surgical tapes.

It is important to check that the surgeon bears a good experience and training relating to the plastic surgeries. So, anyone who is suffering from the functional or cosmetic issues relating to the double eyelids can opt for such an issue. The best part is that the risk associated with such surgical operation is minimal. The operation might cause some swellings, redness, and infection at the initial level. But in the end, the operation might prove to be a rewarding one.

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