9 Reasons You Should Be Wearing a Steampunk Watch


Steampunk watches are a classic way to level up your outfit game, but that’s not all that they are. As the technology advances and people prefer to take out their smartphones to check the time, watches are becoming less common. For this reason, we’ve listed a list of benefits watches provide and why you should be wearing them:


  • Making a First Impression:


A watch can make an exemplary first impression of who you are as an individual and your personality to the other person. The type of watch you wear also shows your taste. Making a positive first impression is especially useful if you’re going on an interview  or an important meeting and you need the other person to form a positive image of you, a classic steampunk watch can help do that. Read more here https://steampunkdesk.com/product-category/steampunk-pocket-watch/


  • Conversation Starters:


Imagine this, you wear a steampunk watch to somewhere public and you find another person wearing it too or maybe even someone who’s interested in it and you start off with a conversation. Classical watches make great conversation starters and in this way wearing a watch can make you interact with other people and grow your social circle.


  • Gift it to Your Loved Ones:


Watches make great gifts. They’re timeless and valuable and the longer you have it the more valuable it becomes rather than gifting a smartphone to your children who’ll want an upgrade in a few months. Plus with watches you’re giving something to a loved one and in this way they’ll always have something to remember you with.


  • Passing it on to Heirs:


Since watches are valuable pieces and you can keep them as long as you live, you can also pass them down to your heirs when your time comes. It’ll be a cherished piece of antique passed down by their ancestors and let’s admit it everyone wants to have an antique by their ancestors and what better thing than a watch.


  • Increased Value:


Not a lot of people want to sell their antique watch collection. But if you do have watches that you bought at an expensive rate, chances are they’ll continue increasing in value as the years pass. Consequently, you can always sell your classic pieces at an astonishing profit margin at auctions or even online since people who fancy having a classic collection will be willing to buy them at increased rates.


  • They’re Convenient and Less Distracting:


Yes, you might have a smartphone you can take out anywhere to check the time. But with smartphones comes the problems of having to dig them up in your purse or pocket which can be troublesome especially if you’re in a rush. For watches all you have to do is flip your wrist and check the time. Similarly, if you’re working and you take out your phone just to see the time you might be distracted by all the notifications or even hop on to social media and that’s minutes gone by in no time. While on the other hand, keeping track of time with a watch is less distracting and you’ll be back to work right after.


  • Functionality:


Watches are either self-powered through motion or consume small amounts of battery to work. This means they’ll be telling you the time for years to come as compared to your smartphone which may die in around 8-12 hours and will no longer be able to tell you the time once it does. 


  • Piece of Art:


Classic watches are a piece of art themselves. A watch showcases much more than time only, it comes with the history, tradition and culture put into making the watch. Designing a watch needs creativity as well alongside knowing the simple working of a watch. This is why each watch is worked extremely hard on by the makers and designed uniquely.


  • Style and Personality:


Men have a limited area for accessories to wear with their outfits. Watches are a piece of accessory they can carry with them to display their style and make their outfit more extravagant. Similarly, when it comes to personality the watch you wear depicts your own self and technically the watch you wear self-expresses who you are as an individual.

If you don’t want to miss out wearing a watch after reading everything a watch can provide, head over to Steampunk Desk to choose your next classic steampunk watch.

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