7 Tips for the Best Eyebrow Waxing Ever



Nice-looking eyebrows have become more stylish over the years. Although eyebrow shapes and styles change over time, staying true to the most recent trends is something anyone can achieve when they know how to wax eyebrows. The greatest thing about eyebrow trends is all you have to do is allow your hair to grow back and wax it to the new desired shape. 

To achieve the best eyebrow waxing experience and results, it’s important to know how to wax your eyebrows correctly. As wonderful as waxing is, you don’t want to make a rookie mistake and end up with only half an eyebrow or an undesired shape. Instead, continue reading the guide below for several tips on how to wax eyebrows!

Grab your waxing strips and tweezers, and let’s get started!

1. Create a Regular Waxing Schedule 

Creating a regular waxing schedule is beneficial for a few reasons. For one, when you create a schedule and stick to it, you know exactly when it’s time to wax again. You won’t have to worry about wondering if it’s too soon or if you’ve gone too long. 

You also won’t have to worry about your eyebrows growing wild before your next wax. This is true whether you’re doing them yourself at home or visiting a salon. Another benefit of creating a regular wax schedule is placing your hairs on the same growth cycle. 

This reduces the chance of a random hair or two sprouting shortly after you waxed your eyebrows. All of the hairs will grow at the same time, and you won’t have to spend time plucking those random hairs. 

2. Make All the Right Preparations

Before each wax session, you should make all the right preparations. Gather all your waxing equipment and have it nearby at a station for easy access. Prepare your skin for the wax as well. 

Although only sugar-based waxes require you to wash your skin before waxing, it’s still a good idea to have clean skin before waxing your eyebrows, no matter what type of wax you use. Do your best not to sweat or get dirty on the day when you’re waxing them. 

You should also wash your hands before applying wax to yourself or someone else. Warm your eyebrow wax in a wax warmer nashua nh and wear gloves to prevent the spread of bacteria. Never double dip waxing sticks and have your waxing strip pre-cut and ready to go. 

3. Brush and Trim First

Unlike waxing your legs or armpits, waxing your eyebrows requires you to brush and trim them first. Brush your hairs up and then find the hairs that are longer than the rest. Use eyebrow scissors to trim the hairs so they’re all the same length. 

This is something you should only do when waxing a client. You don’t want to use the eyebrow scissors on yourself as it could be dangerous. 

Getting the hairs to be the same length will make the waxing process much easier. You also want all of your hairs to flow in the same direction for the best waxing results. 

4. Apply the Wax Properly

When it’s time to apply the wax, apply it to the hairs under the eyebrow. Apply the wax in the same direction your hair grows as well. Be sure to use a small wax stick best for eyebrows.

You don’t want to apply the wax too close to the eyebrow. 

Those hairs you can remove using tweezers. Apply the waxing strip, use your finger to gently rub the strip down onto the skin. Then, pull the strip off in the opposite direction of the hair growth. 

Do this using a quick motion while carefully stretching the skin to avoid pain. Then, repeat above the eyebrow and between the eyebrows. 

5. Pluck Remaining Hairs

Waxing won’t get every hair every time. Hairs close to the eyebrow are difficult to remove with wax because you don’t want to apply the wax too close to the brow. There might also be some small stubbles of hair that wax is unable to remove.

These hairs won’t be a problem anymore once you develop that waxing schedule, but in the meantime, do be sure to remove these hairs and the hairs close to the brow with a pair of tweezers. 

6. Don’t Focus on Perfect Symmetry 

When waxing your eyebrows, it’s not uncommon to want a perfect result, but what is a perfect result? Try not to focus too much on achieving perfect symmetry. Although it’s possible to get both eyebrows pretty close in shape, size, and form, it’s not possible to have them look 100% identical.

Most eyebrows grow differently, even if it’s a small difference. Go with your brows natural growth pattern and flow. Trying to shape them to match perfectly might cause you to trim or wax or pluck too much. 

7. Soothe the Skin After

After waxing your brows, an esthetician will apply a skin soother on your skin to prevent irritation. If you’re going to wax you’re own at home, then be sure to have something for this purpose. Any skin will be a bit irritated after it’s been waxed, but if you follow the proper aftercare, you should have minimal to no side effects. 

Be sure not to touch the eyebrows, apply makeup, or perfumes after waxing either. All of these can irritate the already sensitive skin.

Is Eyebrow Waxing Right for You?

Some people prefer to tweeze their eyebrows while others prefer to wax them. Is eyebrow waxing the right choice for you? If you’re unsure about waxing your own eyebrows at home, don’t hesitate to contact a salon and have them done there. 

With all of these tips in mind, you’ll have an amazing eyebrow waxing experience.

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