5 Reasons Why Women Should Choose Shoes Over High Heels



One common argument is whether women should wear high heels since it looks more feminine or switch to casual shoes for bone health? Of course, each footwear pair has pros and cons, but wearing high heels regularly may result in issues later. That is why many are switching to shoes for women, which are more comfortable.

Why Women Wear High Heels?

Women wear high heels for a variety of reasons, the first among which is feminism. High heels look more feminine and gorgeous. They are the only preferred type of shoes worn during marriages, wedding ceremonies, parties, festivals, etc.

High heels, besides styling and a mode of fashion, are also considered a symbol of attitude, power and attraction. However, there are many cons to wearing high heels for women.

5 Reasons Why should Women go for Shoes over Heels?

Women love high heels; let’s get this fact straight! However, there are many underlying adverse effects, which is why many physicians use them. High heels may be fine for occasions like parties and weddings, but they should not be included in the daily routine. Here’s why-

  1. Bunions or Toe Bumps

The effects of wearing high heels stay for a long time on the feet. It can result in undue pressure on your feet, which can cause degeneration of foot joints. This situation is bad for the toe joint, bunion, or toe bump. In addition, the toe bum is extremely painful and can lead to further complications. In these situations, it is better to consider shoes for women over heels.

Ankle Pain

Another reason to avoid high heels is ankle pain. Long hours of wearing heels can cause strain in the ankle, leading to massive pain. This happens because of improper and awkward ankle positioning while wearing the heels, which does not happen with shoes for women.

Lower Back Pain

High heels may look stunning, but they are not ideal for long hours. Regular use of high heels may cause soreness in the lower back and may also result in back inflammation and ache. In addition, due to the uplift of the heels, which makes the feet stay in an incorrect position for a long time, the body weight distribution is also affected, especially for the lower part. This causes strain in the lower back.

Bad for Calf Muscles

You must have observed its effects on the calf area when you wear heels for long hours. The calf muscles develop stiffness due to pressure. Moreover, if you wear high heels regularly, the stiffness in the calf muscles starts to increase, and you may feel pain when walking bare feet.

Joint Pain

The knee is another affected area due to high heels. When you wear high heels, more of your body weight stresses the knees, which causes joint pains. This will lead to weak joint pain.

There are many more issues of wearing heels over shoes for women, which include stress on the head, eyes and other parts of the body. Also, wearing heels is highly restricted if you already have an injury in the lower part of the body during pregnancy. Doctors and physicists always advise wearing flats and shoes for women during these conditions. This is why one should always prefer to buy women shoes instead of heels.


The benefit of wearing shoes for women is that you can avoid all the health issues listed above. Not only that, shoes are more durable and can be recommended for all activities such as gym, running, cycling, walking and other sports. You can check some of the top brands that manufacture high-quality sports shoes for women.

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